Call For Interest

Call For Interest

Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism calls for submission of interests from Lawyers with experience in Rights issues to provide legal support to Journalists as part of its Legal Aid Project.

The Project is for journalists and media organisations who have pending or new legal cases that are focused on or related to freedom of the press. This is because effective advocacy for press freedom must include demanding the enforcement of these rights from the justice system.

The Project will also offer legal advice to journalists who find themselves in situations where their constitutionally guaranteed rights are being infringed upon or outrightly violated.

The expected outcome of the Project is for more journalists and media organisations to pursue the legal option in demanding their rights to work as journalists, as well as, attempt to set legal precedents that will impact legal cases on press freedom in the future.

To achieve this, the project is setting up a coalition of lawyers with proven interests in Rights issues. This coalition will offer legal advice on press freedom issues, as well as take on or support legal cases where the need has been determined.

Please note that this call for interest is for Lawyers willing to work pro bono within a coalition and also interested in expanding the scope of their experience on Rights issues such as Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression.

Working with this coalition will provide experience on the broad spectrum of press freedom and freedom of expression litigation.

Law firms willing to expand their pro bono work on the issues highlighted are also encouraged to apply.

Lawyers and firms willing to be a part of this coalition should please send an Expression of Interest and a curriculum vitae to [email protected].

Deadline is 31st August.

Please note that PTCIJ believes in gender equity and inclusion, so we welcome applications from female lawyers and lawyers based in Nigeria.


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