Farouk Lawan agreed to send third party to collect bribe payment, new audio shows

Embattled lawmaker, Farouk Lawan, agreed to send an emissary to Femi Otedola the principal of Zenon oil, to collect a payment of $2.5 dollars, a new audio sourced by Channels Television shows.

The money, according to the recorded conversation, is the balance of the $3 million bribe Mr. Lawan asked from the oil magnate, in order to clear Zenon from the list of indicted companies for the fuel subsidy scam.

The conversation appears to have held after Mr. Lawan had received $500,000 of the bribe.

The one and a half minute audio has Mr. Otedola telling the lawmaker that he could not take the money to his house because “it is a lot of money.”

Mr. Otedola told Mr. Lawan that the money was “at the airport, in the aircraft.”

The embattled lawmaker told Mr. Otedola that he “would be in the chambers,” and would not be available to receive the payment. Mr. Farouk agreed to “arrange with someone” to receive the money on his behalf.

The emissary to be sent by Mr. Farouk used an MTN telephone number 08036513355 and was named ‘TJ.’

The audio is the first conversation by the duo, who are enmeshed in the bribery scandal, to be available to the public.

The bribery scandal is already being investigated by the Police.

Mr. Otedola claimed Mr. Lawan collected $620,000 of the agreed $3 million from him. $500,000 was allegedly collected by Mr. Lawan directly in two installments, while $120,000 was collected by the secretary to Mr. Lawan’s committee which probed the fuel subsidy payments.  The oil magnate claimed he paid the bribe based on the directions of the State Security Service.

Mr. Lawan has however stated that he agreed to collect the bribe to only use as evidence against Mr. Otedola after the latter mounted so much pressure on him.


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