Infographics: Decade of Unimplemented Recommendations in the Nigerian Oil Sector

By Joshua Olufemi and David Ndukwe

Various committees have been instituted to look into the corruption practices that plague the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector.  

Early in the year 2012, the government dramatically increased the pump price of petroleum products in the country through the removal of subsidies and the deregulation of the downstream sector of the industry.

Violent nation-wide riots immediately greeted the action, prompting the executive and legislative arms of government to respond, in part, by setting up a number of fact-finding and process investigations into different aspects of the petroleum industry. At the House of Representatives (HoR), an Ad-hoc committee, headed by Hon. Farouk Lawan, was set up to probe the management of the fuel subsidy scheme.

At the same time, another adhoc Committee, headed by Hon. Leo Ogor, was asked to investigate the fogginess involved in the complex corporate melodrama around the Federal Government and Shell/Agip Companies, and Malabu Oil and Gas Limited in respect of the now famous Oil Block OPL 245.


Likewise, the Federal Government, through the office of the Minister of Petroleum Resources also instituted five committees to investigate various aspects of the industry. Two of these committees, the Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force (PRSTF) headed by Nuhu Ribadu, and the Aig Imokuede Technical Committee on Subsidy payments which remit is to explore key revenue and process abuses lingering half a decade after the whole investigations.

Despite the findings and recommendations of the PRSTF, the Farouk Lawan Committee, the Leo Ogor Committee, the Aig Imokuede Committee and the 2012 NEITI Oil and Gas Audit Report, the present administration has not shown any recourse to the committees various reports.

trail 2See report summary that captures the important findings, recommendation and recurring issues relating to process and regulatory gaps that prompted the investigations in the first place.