Power Supply in Recent Decline

By Deji Adekunle

In light of the recent increase in electricity blackouts around the nation, it has been made known by the Daily operational Reports of the TCN that many of the nations power plants are currently affected by gas shortage, water management and transmission problems. Power generation statistics show that power supply has reduced at an alarming rate from 2903 on Thursday to 1624 on Sunday and then 1075 on Monday.

No fewer than 16 thermal plants have been affected by a reduction in gas supply, as the Niger Delta militants continued to attack gas facilities in the region. Among the thermal plants that have suffered from sabotage attacks were Olorunshogo NIPP, Omotosho, Geregu, Delta, Olorunsogo Gas, Sapele and Egbing among others.

The infographics below shows the amount of power lost in the past weeks since the attacks by the Niger Delta militants.