ANALYSIS: Anambra 2021 Governorship Elections Repeated an Intriguing Trend

ANALYSIS: Anambra 2021 Governorship Elections Repeated an Intriguing Trend

By Seyi Olufemi

The recently concluded 2021 Anambra State elections heightened a recurring trend in the State’s last 4 Governorship Elections, where a lower voter turnout always coincides with a higher victory margin for the winning party, and vice versa.

The victory of Professor Charles Soludo in the November 2021 elections returned the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) as the ruling party in the state executive for the fifth consecutive time. The election was held on 6th November, and was concluded on 9th November with a supplementary election in Ihiala Local Government Area (LGA).

Charles Chukwuma Soludo, is an economics professor, politician, and a former Governor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). He is a member of the British Department for International Development’s International Advisory Group and also a member of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Economic Advisory Council (EAC), among many of his national and international Development exploits.

Before delivering his first remarks as the newly elected governor of Anambra State, he measured and stated the time of day on his watch, bringing to the surface again his subliminal attachment for quantitative detail, and then declared, “With utmost humility and gratitude to God, I accept the results of the 2021 Anambra Governorship Elections.”

Many find it interesting that Mr Soludo, after being declared as the winner of the Governorship elections, needed to accept that he truly won the election. 

Yet, it is more intriguing that the lowest voter turnout of 10% in the past four consecutive gubernatorial elections in the state also produced the highest victory margin of 36% for the candidate of the winning party, Mr Soludo.

In fact, the highest voter turnout of 25% in the 2013 elections yielded the lowest victory margin for APGA, in the last 4 elections.

APGA is the most decorated political party in Anambra state since the creation of the state in 1976. The party has produced the only 2 governors who have governed for 2 terms in the history of the State, in the persons of Peter Obi (2006-2014) and Willie Obiano (2014-).

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) – a blend of the former AC and ANPP) have rotated the second and third place in each of the elections, while Labour Party (LP), United Progressive Party (UPP) and the Young Progressives Party  (YPP) have held the fourth position.

Rank (% of Total Valid Votes) 2010 2013 2017 2021
Leading votes (%) APGA APGA APGA APGA
34 42 55 46
2nd highest votes (%) AC PDP APC PDP
21 23 23 22
3rd highest votes (%) PDP APC PDP APC
21 23 17 18
4th highest votes (%) LP LP UPP YPP
9 9 5 9
The remaining votes (%) 14 3 2 5

When the proportion of voters for APGA is compared with the proportion of registered voters that turned out for the elections, there is always a greater margin when there is a lower voter turnout, and vice versa. 

The low and declining voter turnout in Anambra is worse than the country’s electoral participation performance in Presidential elections. While the percentage of registered voters who eventually cast a ballot has decreased from 69% in 2003 to 35% in 2019, the voter turnout for Anambra’s governorship elections declined from an already low 16% in 2010 to 10% in 2021.

The increasing voter apathy in Anambra, and in the country at large, has been widely attributed to the people’s mistrust in the electoral process, beginning with how candidates emerge in party primary elections to multiple cases of election malpractices at the general elections.

Rampant cases of electoral violence and perceived intimidation of voters by the security forces often discourages voting age people from voting. Recently, the secessionist agitations of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has increased the threats of insecurity of lives and property in the southeast, thus discounting the Anambra electorate’s turnout to the lowest in recent history.

With the Governor elect, Charles Soludo, being voted in by only a 10% of registered voters and a much less percentage of Anambra’s voting age population, a measured view of the “time” and situation of things in his State, in Nigeria, and the world, coupled with his avowed “humility”, would be invaluable to capture the people’s aspirations and to coordinate efforts to meet them.

Speak Up on the Warrantless Attack on Journalists, Governor Bello Matawalle!

Speak Up on the Warrantless Attack on Journalists, Governor Bello Matawalle!

On Tuesday, 4 January 2022, the headquarters of the Thunder Blowers newspaper located at Fadama Plaza, Gusau, in Zamfara State was vandalised by suspected political thugs on account of its reporting and analysis on the activities of the Zamfara State government. Governor Bello Matawalle, whom the media organisation alleges is the sponsor of the attack, is yet to denounce or initiate any investigation aimed at bringing those who are culpable to justice.

The Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF, continues to condemn, in strong terms, this growing trend of state security attacks on journalists and the vandalisation of media outlets and their equipment.

This rising pattern of attacks and its evident constitutional breach raises worrying concerns for the protection of citizens’ rights, the ability of the state to ensure effective governance, and the statutory obligation of the news media to hold the government and state officials accountable as stipulated by the 1999 constitution.

In the same vein, we condemn and demand the immediate and unconditional release of Nelson Omonu, a journalist whisked away by security operatives believed to be working on the orders of Katsina State governor, Aminu Bello Masari.

This dangerous trend of constant attacks influenced by political powers threatens the health of the Nigerian news media and the resilience of our country’s democracy.

CWPPF also calls on Governors Bello Masari of Katsina state and Matawalle of Zamfara state to take prompt measures to end these attacks on the news media, protect journalists who through their investigative reporting expose corrupt government officials, and institute cautionary and disciplinary actions against state actors who engage in unruly attitudes against journalists and citizens.

CWPPF stands to defend the freedom of the press and expression.

CWPPF Secretariat

About the Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF
The CWPPF is a group of media and civil society organisations committed to upholding democracy and good governance by protecting the ethos of whistleblowing, freedom of expression and press freedom.

CWPPF members
Premium Times
OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative
The Cable
Daily Trust Newspaper
International Centre for Investigative Reporting
Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism
Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ)
African Centre for Media & Information Literacy (AFRICMIL)
Civic Media Lab
Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC)
International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR)
International Press Centre (IPC)
Media Rights Agenda (MRA)
Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ)
Paradigm Initiative
Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP)
HEDA Resources Centre.

Press Statement by Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF on the Growing Trend of State Security Attacks on Journalists and News Media Houses

Press Statement by Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF on the Growing Trend of State Security Attacks on Journalists and News Media Houses

The Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF, strongly condemns the growing trend of state security attacks on journalists and news media houses publishing investigative reports about public officials involved in corruption.

This dangerous trend threatens the health of the Nigerian news media and the resilience of our country’s democracy.

On Thursday, December 30, Tony Ufoh a journalist with Punch Newspaper was harassed by the Nigerian Special Police Fraud Unit [SFU] in the line of duty in Milverton Ikoyi area of Lagos. Mr. Ufoh was speaking to tenants who were reportedly defrauded by a developer when he was accosted by the police and his phone and Identity card forcibly taken and still unreturned.

This rising pattern of attacks, and its evident constitutional breach, raise worrying concerns for the protection of citizen’s rights, the ability of the state to ensure effective governance, and the statutory obligation of the news media to hold the government and state officials accountable as required by the 1999 constitution.

For the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari which came to power ostensibly to rid the country of corruption, this flagrant abuse of state power and resources by its agents blemishes its preparedness to enable the responsibility and accountability of the government to the people.

The police, on its part, is best served to restrain from abusing its powers using strong-arm tactics against the news media when its concerns should indeed be unravelling the alleged complicity of one of its officers in an act of corruption.

Thus, CWPPF calls on the Federal Government to take prompt measures to end these attacks on the news media, protect journalists from corrupt government officials exposed by journalists through their investigative reporting, and institute cautionary and disciplinary action against state actors who continue unruly attitudes towards journalists and citizens.

The graver danger is that if allowed to fester, this trend of attack on journalists for their legitimate reporting duty will embolden others, threatening journalism practice and freedom of the press in Nigeria, and – exposing a critical pillar for building and sustaining democracy in our country to jeopardy.


CWPPF Secretariat

About the Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF The CWPPF is a group of media and civil society organisations committed to upholding democracy and good governance by protecting the ethos of whistleblowing, freedom of expression and press freedom.

CWPPF members
Premium Times
OrderPaper Advocacy Initiative
The Cable
Daily Trust Newspaper
International Centre for Investigative Reporting
Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism
Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ)
African Centre for Media & Information Literacy (AFRICMIL)
Civic Media Lab
Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC)
International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR)
International Press Centre (IPC)
Media Rights Agenda (MRA)
Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ)
Paradigm Initiative
Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP)
HEDA Resources Centre.

Press Statement by Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF on Attacks on Critical Media and Investigative Journalism in Nigeria.

Press Statement by Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF on Attacks on Critical Media and Investigative Journalism in Nigeria.

The Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF, condemns, in the strongest terms, the growing trend of attacks on journalists and media houses which have published investigative reports about corruption allegedly perpetrated by government officials. It is a dangerous trend that threatens the vibrancy of the country’s media and its democracy.

On Monday, December 13, Fisayo Soyombo, the Founder of the Foundation for Investigative Journalism, FIJ, was arrested and detained at the Police Headquarters in Abuja by the Monitoring Unit of the Inspector General of Police, IGP. The journalist was detained over an investigative report, which exposed corruption in the management of over N1 billion appropriated for building transit camps for police officers across the country. He was released on bail after over six hours in police detention while investigations into alleged charges of “criminal defamation and cyber stalking” against him have been postponed to mid – January, when Soyombo might be invited back for questioning.

The allegations of criminal defamation and cyber stalking were made by Joseph Egbunike, an Assistant Inspector general of Police, AIG, who was fingered in FIJ’s report as the arrowhead of the alleged misappropriation of over N1 billion for police transit camp projects in Benue, Bauchi, Plateau, Katsina and Kano State, when he was Commissioner of Police in charge of Budget and Finance.

It is, indeed, shocking that the Nigeria Police, the institution called to account in the investigative report, and its leadership, would be more interested in defending an officer fingered in a corruption allegation instead of investigating the allegations against him. In arresting and claiming to be investigating a case of criminal defamation and cyber stalking against Soyombo, the Police wants to play the ignoble role of being a judge in its own case.

It is equally shocking that the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari, which came to power ostensibly to rid the country of corruption, is condoning such abuse of state power and resources by those accused of corruption to victimize media practitioners who are performing their constitutional duty of upholding the responsibility and accountability of the government to the people. It is particularly astounding that the police authorities have chosen to abuse their powers by using strong arm tactics against the media when the police officer alleged to be complicit in a monumental act of corruption has offered no exculpatory evidence or explanation in rebuttal of the allegations made against him.

Sadly, this is not an isolated case. For over four months now, another public official, Dr. Rufus Egbegba, the Director General of the National Biosafety Management Agency, NBMA, attempted to use institutions of the state to intimidate and harass the International Centre for Investigative Reporting, ICIR, and its journalists for a report on contract inflation at the agency. Dr. Egbegba used the Police Force Criminal Investigation Department, FCID; Department of State Security, DSS; Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC; and the office of the Attorney General of the Federation (Office of the Federal Director of Public Prosecution,) to threaten, intimidate or harass ICIR reporter, Niyi Oyedeji and its Editor, Ajibola Amzat, just for doing their work.

In Kaduna, Lukas Binniyat was arrested by the Kaduna State Command Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for the publication of a story about over the massacre of innocent citizens in southern Kaduna. Mr Samuel Aruwan, the commissioner of Home Affairs and internal security, had reported to the police stating a part of the report indicts him hence his arrest. These recurring arrests and harassment of Nigerian journalists by state actors is an indicator of the unwillingness of the government to accept and appreciate the role of media in a democracy.

We see the work of the news media, particularly investigative journalists, who expose corruption by state institutions and officials, as complementary to the Government’s stated policy of fighting against corruption. In exposing corruption in government, the news media is playing its constitutional role of holding the government and public office holders to account on behalf of the people. For this reason, the Government should see the news media as partners and not adversaries and define itself through support and protection to enable this accountability obligation.

As it is, allowing government officials accused of corruption to use state power and resources as shields from scrutiny, amounts to undermining the government’s credibility and supposed anti-corruption war.

We call on the Federal Government to take measures to put an end to these attacks on the critical media and protect journalists from corrupt government officials who have been exposed by journalists through their investigative reporting. We would like to warn that if allowed to continue, this trend of public officials attacking journalists for their critical reporting, will embolden others and would soon pose a really grave danger to journalism practice and freedom of the press in Nigeria, which are very critical pillars in building and sustaining democracy in any society. In fact, this trend, if not immediately checked, will pose a very serious risk to Nigeria’s fledgling democracy.

CWPPF Secretariat


About the Coalition for Whistleblower Protection and Press Freedom, CWPPF The CWPPF is a group of media and civil society organisations committed to upholding democracy and good governance by protecting the ethos of whistleblowing, freedom of expression and press freedom.

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International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR)
International Press Centre (IPC)
Media Rights Agenda (MRA)
Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ)
Paradigm Initiative
Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP)
HEDA Resources Centre.

Sustainability / Dorewar kafofin yada labarai masu zaman kansu

Ga mafi yawan sabbin kafafen yada labarai masu zaman kansu, kwakwarar dabara mai dorewa ta samun kudi ce kadai za ta ba su tabbacin cigaba da aikin da zai wuce shekaru biyu. Ga dai wadannsu daga cikin darussan da abokan aikin mu a kasashen duniya suka rubuta dangane da hanyoyin samun kudaden shiga, yanayin zama mamba, da gudanar da taruka, da hanyoyin samun kudi da sauran su

Sustainability: Overview/ Dorewar hanyoyin samun kudin tafiyar da kafafen yada labarai masu zaman kansu : Gabatarwa

Aikin jarida na masu zaman kansu ya cigaba da bunkasa a hanakali na tsawon shekaru 20 yanzu, bisa dalilan da aka riga aka yi bitansu, wadanda suka hada da mutuwar samfuran kasuwanci na gargajiya, da zuwan sauyi a yanayin fasahohi da ma yadda aikin jarida mai sahihanci ke samun tallafi duk da irin rikicin da ake gani a masana’antan aikin jaridar.

A wannan kundin, GIJN ta yi bincike kan irin dabarun da za su tabbatar da dorewar aikin jarida mai zurfi a kasashen duniya.

An ci sa’a yanzu ana samun karuwar wadanda ke bayar da tallafi ga aikin jarida. Wannan na samar da damammaki amma kuma yana bukatar dabaru na samun kudi dan tabbatar da dorewar kudin. Ga wadanda ke bayar da kudaden tallafi domin aikin jarida, hakan na janyo musu kalubale na musamman wadanda muka fayyace a sashen da muka kira “shawarwari ga masu bayar da tallafi.”

Bacin haka, kungiyoyin da ke aikin jarida dan samun riba, suna amfani da sabbin dabaru. Suna amfani da dabaru daban-daban wajen jan hankali da kuma hulda da masu amfani da kafar yada labaransu domin samun kudi ta hanyoyin gargajiya yadda aka saba da hade da wasu sabbin hanyoyin. Wadannan hanyoyin sun hada da biyan kudi dan sayen labaran, biyan kudi dan zama mambobin shafin, samun kudi ta hanyar karo-karo daga mutane da yawa, fadakarwa kan ayyukan kafar yada labaran, shirya taruka, amfani da kafofin sadarwa na soshiyal mediya, talla da sauransu.

Doriya a wannan fannin abu ne mai wahala ganin yadda yanayin bayanai ke sauyawa a-kai-a-kai. Wannan kundin na GIJN ya duba kalubale, damammaki, da sabbin dabaru daga fannoni da dama, kuma ya dauko ra’ayoyi da nazarin kwararru da da dama.

Shin ko akwai bayanan da ku ke so ku kara a shafin? Ku tuntube me ta adireshinmu na email wato [email protected]

Bangarorinmu sun hada da:


Sustainability. Overview/ Dorewa : Gabatarwa

Ana iya karanta bayanai mafi mahimmanci da rahotannin bincike mai zurfi da nazarin halin da fanin aikin jaridar da ba ruwanta da riba ke ciki.

Hanyoyin Tara kudi
Wannan batu ne mai mahimmancin gaske ga kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu. Kundinmu ya yi tanadin bayanai na hanyoyin gano masu bayar da tallafi da yadda ake shiga kawance da su tare da wasu karin bayanai kan hanyoyin tara kudi.

Ma’amala da masu karatu/saurare da hanyoyin samun kudaden shiga
Saduwa da masu karatu/saurare ta yin amfani da sabbin dabaru tare da taimakon soshiyal mediya zai iya habaka yawan masu sauraro da kudaden shiga. Karanta shawarwari daga editocin da ke kan kaba wajen aiki da masu saurare.

Kudin shiga na kasuwanci
Babu shakka samun kudaden shiga na da mahimmancin gaske kuma ana yin wannan wajen amfani da sabbi da tsoffin dabaru. Kwararru a nan suna binciken kalubalen da ake fuskanta wajen samun kudi daga talla, shafukan biyan kudi, biyan kudi dan sayen labaran da ma zama mamba a dandalolin labarai, da hadin gwiwa, da kawancen wallafa labarai, da‘yancin sayar da labarai da sauaransu.

Sauran hanyoyin samun kudaden shiga
Akwai sabbin dabarun da za’a iya amfani da su a madadin wadanda aka saba da amfani da su a baya, wajen tallafawa bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida. Wadannan sun hada da koyarwa, horaswa, jaridu, rediyo, taruka, hadin gwiwa, kawancen wallafa labarai, biya kadan-kadan, blockchain da Cryptocurrency, sayar da bayanai, zanen shufukan yanar gizo, shirya hotunan bidiyo da sauransu.

Samun tallafi wurin jama’a
Wannan yanzu ya zama ruwan dare wajen gudanar da bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida. Ko da shi ke, samun tallafin jama’a abu ne da ke bukatar shiri da kuma aiwatarwa yadda ya dace. Ga hanyoyin koyon wannan bisa darussan da aka samo daga wadanda suka taba amfani da shi.

Tasirin bincike
Irin alfanun da aka samu daga bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida yana da mahimmancin gaske wajen samun goyon bayan masu bayarwa, masu karatu da sauraro da sauransu. Ba abinda za’a yi wada da sho ba ne amma kuma fada ya fi cikawa sauki. Dan haka ku ga yadda ake yi.


Sustainability: Perspective – Essential Reading/ Kimantawa – Mahimman abubuwan karantawa

Akwai mahimman rahotanni da suka bayar da ra’ayoyi masu kyaun gaske dangane da sha’awar kirkiro cibiyoyin da za su tallafawa bincike na aikin jarida. Ga mahimmai daga cikin su:

Starting a Nonprofit News Organization, by the Institute for Nonprofit News – Girka tashar watsa labarai mai zaman kanta, wanda cibiyar labarai na kamfanoni masu zaman kansu ta wallafa

Six Strategies for Sustainable Journalism – Matakai shidda na tabbatar da dorewar aikin jarida

DW Academy Media Viability Handbook – Littafin shawarwari dangane da yiwuwar kafuwar tashar yada labarai

Fighting For Survival: New Report on Media Startups in the Global South – Gwagwarmaya don samun tsira: sabon rahoto kan tashoshin yada labarai masu tasowa a yankin kudancin duniya

Publishing for Peanuts: Innovation and the Journalism Start-Up  – Buga labarai ma kudi kalilan: Sabbin dabaru da matakan fara kamfanin aikin jarida

How Nonprofit News Ventures Seek Sustainability: A Knight Study   – Yadda tashoshin yada labarai masu zaman kansu ke neman hanyoyin tabbatar da dorewarsu: Binciken gidauniyar Knight

Financing Quality Journalism  – Tallafawa aikin jarida na kwarai da kudade

Funding the News: Foundations and Nonprofit Media – Tallafawa labarai: Gidauniyoyi da tashoshin yada labarai masu zaman kansu

Venture-backed News Startups and the Field of Journalism  – Kamfanonin labarai masu tasowa da fanin aikin jarida.

A journalism innovation and entrepreneurship reading list  – Jaddawali na abubuwan da za’a iya karantawa dangane da sabbin dabaru na aikin jarida da kasuwanci

The Impact of Charity and Tax Law/Regulation on Not-for-Profit News Organizations – Tasirin sadaka da dokokin haraji kan kungiyoyin labaran da ba ruwansu da riba

Sustainability: A Survival Guide for Nonprofit Investigative Groups  – Dorewa: Jagora ga kungiyoyin masu aiwatar da bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida

Global Investigative Journalism: Strategies for Support /Hanyoyin tallafawa

The Membership Puzzle na hada gwiwa da kungiyar Luminate da gidauniar dimomiradiyya domin kaddamar shirin mambobi na kafafen yada labarai ta yadda za’a ci moriyar shi har zuwa watan Mayun 2020. Kudin da aka bayar $700,000 zai taimkaa wajen tallafawa mambobin da ke da sabbin dabaru. Domin samun karin bayani kan yadda za’a sami kudin a duba kasa. Babu takamaiman wa’adi. (Spanianci)

Better News /Labarai Mafi Kyau wani shirin ne na Cibiyar ‘Yan jaridan Amirka jo kuma American Press Institute da cibiyar Knight-Lenfest Newsroom Initiative, wanda ke samun kudi daga gidauniyar John S. and James L. Knight wajen shawo kan matsalar dorewar hanyoyin samun kudi.

European Federation of Journalists /Tarayyar ‘Yan Jaridar Turai na nazarin sabbin samfuran kasuwanci wadanda za su taimaka wajen bunkasa aikin jarida.


Sustainability: Perspective – More Reading/ Kimantawa – karin abubuwan karantawa

Dalilin da ya sa kafofin yada labarai na yankuna ke fiskantar matsala da hanyoyin sayen labarai a yanar gizo ko kuma digital subscriptions

Tallafawa aikin jarida da kudin gwanati: Birgimar hankaka

‘Yan jarida na fiskantar hadari a kokarinsu na sanya ido kan ayyukan gwamnati, aiki mai mahimmancin gaske wanda ya dace a samar da gidauniya ta duniya na kudi billiyan guda na dalan Amirka

Kungiyoyin labarai masu zaman kansu ba su dogaro da gidauniyoyi, sai dai bayarwa ga aikin jarida na cigaba da karuwa.

Rahotin labaran dijital 2019

Majiyoyi 10 kyauta, na samun bayanai kan masana’antun watsa labarai da masu sauraron labarai

Kalubale 7 da ya kamata a shawo kai kafin a fara kamfani

Cibiyar dorewa ta PBS

Shin aikin jarida mai inganci na iya dorewa? Ga dai kafafin yada labarai 20 da ke shawo kan wannan matsalar.

Kawance, kasancewa mamba da adalci a yanayin zamantakewa: Yadda masu wallafa labarai a yankunan da ke fiskantar danniya ke amfani da sabbin dabaru

Matakai 4 na samun kudaden shiga dan gudanar da aikin jarida

Sabbin dabarun soshiyal mediya 5 da yadda suke tasiri kan masu wallafa labarai.

Aikin jarida na samun tallafi sosai daga masu bayarwa a Afirka: Dalilin da ya sa wannan yanyin ke bukatar sa ido.

Tamboyi 6 da suka shafi shari’a da ya dace duk me niyyar fara kamfanin jarida ya yi la’akari da su.

Makoma biyar na aikin jarida

Wani sabon yanayi ya bulla na yadda manyan jaridu suke sauyawa daga masu kasuwanci da samun riba zuwa masu zaman kansu wadanda ba ruwansu da riba.

Kafafen yada labarai na yanar-gizon da suka zama abin koyi ta fannin albashi a Amirka da Turai: Bayanin 2019

Tinkarar rikicin kafofin yada labarai masu zaman kansu: Irin rawar da taimakon kungiyoyin kasa da kasa zai taka

Ra’ayoyi 50 na samun albashin kafofin yada labarai: Tabbatacen jagora (Kashi na hudu)

Hadin kai a matsayin wani mataki na samun ci-gaba

Shin ko wannan ce dabarar samun kudin da za ta tabbatar da dorewar samun aikin jarida?

Kungiyoyin kula da masu masu saye da sayar da kayayyaki na neman karbar haraji daga kamfanin Facebook domin kare aikin jarida

Yadda za’a fahimci ire-iren salon karatun masu karatu dan jan ra’ayinsu su sayi labarai API

Facebook na kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu – shawarwari 10 da kyawawan misalai Donor Box

“Yanar gizo a kyauta” da farashin shi ga banbancin addini, jinsi, kabila da akida a kafofin yada labarai: Hadarin samar da labarai kyauta CIMA

Shawarwari 11 dangane da sabbin kamfanonin yada labarai Kadan daga cikin rahoton Anya Schifrin na gidauniyar Walkley

Gabatar da INN Index 2018: Halin da labaran kafafe masu zaman kan su ke ciki INN

Wannan ne halis da labaran kafafe masu zaman kansu ke ciki a 2018 Nieman

Hanyoyin samun kudi nawa ne a kafofinn yada labarai? JamLab mun yibayani kan hanyoyi 18

The Publisher’s Patron/Jagoran masu wallafe-wallafe: Yadda shirin labarai na manhajar google ke sauya aikin jarida:

Kamfanin Turai na sanya ido kan ‘yan jarida wato European Journalism Observatory irin kamfanin da ke samun tallafin kudi daga kamfanin google, cibiya ce da gaji kasuwanci a yankin yammacin Turai. A waje guda, kamfanonin labarai masu zaman kanci da wadanda ke aikin gwamnatin ba  u cika samun tallafi ba. Sai dai tambayar ita ce wane buri google ke so ya cimma da wannan tallafin da ya ke bayarwa?

Sabbin dabarun fasahohi na ‘yan jarida karo na 11 (Bidiyo mai tsawon sa’a guda daga Amy Webb)

Rahoton CIMA: Kare kafaden yada labarai masu zaman kance: Cikakken bayani kan yadda kudaden tallafi ke shiga da fita.

Wani bincike ya yi gargadin yadda dakunan labarai a Turai za su fiskanci matsin kaimi a fannonin kudi da na siyasa.

Jagororin Dandaloli: Yadda shafukan Facebook da Google suka zama manyan kamfanoni biyun da ke tallafawa ma’aikatan jarida a duniya.

Sauyin muhallin ‘yan jarida ta yadda ya shafi tattalin arziki.

Karshen bincike a aikin jarida? Tukuna!

Tallafawa ‘yan jaridan da ke zaman kansu shi ne maganin dakile labarai marasa gaskiya wato “fake news” (Yana dauke da rahoton kan tallafawa bincike a aikin jarida)

Rikicin da ake samu a aikin jarida ya zama rikicin dimokiradiyya

Matsalar Cambridge Analytican da ake samu a Facebook zai ce ba’a yi komai ba idan har aka kwaranra da matsalar da za ta afkawa fannin wallafe-wallafe a shafukan yanar gizo.

Tsarin tabbatar da dorewar kananan kafafen yada labarai masu zaman kansu a kan shafukan yanar gizo.

Ceton aikin jarida: Abin da manyan kafafen yada labarai za su iya koyo daga masu zaman kansu.

Shin labaran dijital suna gab da durkushewa ne? Sakamakon binciken cibiyar kamfanin dillancin labarai na Rueters kan kamfanoni bakwai a shekarar 2017


Sustainability: Perspective – Case Studies / Dorewa- Misalai

Darussan sauyi daga tsoffin hanyoyin yada labarai zuwa dijital: Shawarwari kadan daga nahiyar Asiya (2021)

Tasirin amfani da sabbin dabaru wajen rubuce-rubuce a yanar gizo: Fitattaun misalai 5

COVID-19 ya ta’azara rikicin dorewar kafafen yada labara a Afirka ta Kudu

Watanni biyu, karin farashi na sa kai da kashi 30 cikin 100 da karuwan masu sayen labarai zuwa 18,000. Abin da suka yi bayan afkuwar annobar COVID-19

Shin sabbin dokokin kamfanonin jarida masu zaman kansu za su taimakawa kamfanonin Canada?

Jagora a kafofin yada labarai na sake wani sabon yunkuri na girka hadakar sabbin dabaru na aikin jarida.

Sakamakon kwarewar da ta ke da shin a shekaru 10, jaridar Texas Tribune na so ta koya muku hanyoyinta na samun kudi

Mun girka wata kungiyar hadin kan kasa dan karfafa aikin jarida mara riba a Jamus

Kungiyar ‘yan jarida ta Outriders ta kaddamar da wani salon da ake kira “pimp my ride” dan taimakawa kafafen yada labarai.

Dabarun da suka yi fice

Mu kaman masu sauraro ne: AJ+ na sake sauya salon labaran shi domin jan ra’ayin matasa.

Yadda kasidu 3 ke amfani da sabbin tsare-tsaren kasuwancin su

Yadda aka samar da Bureau Local

Dabarun dijital na 2019: Misalai daga manyan jaridu biyar (5)

Yankin Kudancin Asiya: Tallafawa aikin jarda a zamanin dijital

A jihar Texas, ‘yan jarida masu zaman kansu na yunkurin cike gibin da masu kafofin yada labarai na kudi ke bari.

Sauya kamfanonin jaridan (Canada) zuwa kungiyoyin tallafi: Sabon salon nan gaba?

An sake yin saki na dafa: Kafofin yada labarai a yanar gizo za su iya tsira?

Jarida La Presse ta Montreal za ta daina karbar kudi.

Aikin jarida mara riba a duk fadin duniya (Cikin Jamusanci)


Fundraising/ Tara Kudi

Fund raising: Essential reading /Tara kudi: Mahimman Abubuwan da suka dace a karanta

Tara kudi dan farawa ko inganta kafafen bincike na aikin jarida masu zaman kansu na da kalubale. Tallafi da kyautan da ake samu daga kungiyoyi da mutanen da ke bayar da tallafi kafa daya ce kadau. Ga wasu shawarwari daga wadanda suka shahara wajen tara kudi:

SABO: MediaDev shawarwari na tara kudi (2021)

Shawarwari: Bincike da bayanai kan tara kudi, daga gabatarwar Bridget Gallagher a GIJC19

Masu bayar da agaji: Wa ke tallafawa me

Masu tallafin da ke tasiri a kafafen yada labarai

Tallafin labaran kasa da kasa: fitar da taswirar hanya

Hangen nesa da girbi: Yadda ake share-fagen tara kudi

Hangen nesa: Mahimman bayanai

Yadda ake rubuta farfosa ta samun kudi – Shawarwari da darussa

Bayanai kan masu bayar da agaji

Hanyoyin samun kudin tallafawa ma’aikatan jarida masu zaman kansu

Hanyoyi bakwai na yadda kananan masana’antu da masu matsakaicin karfi ke rage wa kansu karfin tara kudi

Sirrin tara kudi: Babban aiki mai bukatar karfin hali

Zana taswirar hanya a fannonin da suka shafi tara kudi

Hanyoyi 8 na inganta hanyoyin samun kudi ta yin amfani da “Gift ladders” – tsarin da ya kunsho karbar kyauta daga dan kankani zuwa mai yawan gaske.

Shawarwari daga babban tarin GIJC na 2013



Fund Raising: More Reading /Tara Kudi: Karin abubuwan karantawa

Masu tallafawa kafafen yada labarai a Jamus na karuwa

Idan aka yi tayin kudi, mu kan saurara: Yadda dakunan labarai 8 asu zaman kansu suka yi nasarar kara yawan tallafin da suke samu

Masu bayar da kudin aikin jarida: Kasida ce mai fitowa wata-wata, da bayanai kan wadanda ke jagorantar sauyin da ake yi a fagen bayar da tallafi da aikin jarida a Turai.

Mutane 50,000 masu bayar da tallafi a karon farko? Ga yadda wadansu kafafen yada labarai hudu, masu zaman kansu suka ci moriyar NewsMatch

Kudaden tallafi na matukar bukatar karuwa

Samun tallafi daga gidauniyoyi da matsalar iyakokin da ake da su a aikin jarida

A nan akwai taskar da ke kunshe da ababen taya hasashe, bincike da rubuta rahotanni na cibiyar Future Today

Yadda za’a kaucewa labarai na sa’o’i 24n da ke cikin yini bakwai – Cibiyar kafafen yada labarai, bayanai da al’umma. Hira da babban darektan gidauniyar Fritt Ord da ke Kasar Norway.

Hanyoyin karbar kudi a manhajan Facebook sun fara karbar biya na wata-wata

Hanyoyin tara kudi a Facebook FTW

“Fitattu masu mara ma fitattu baya.” Mene ne laifi (ko daidai) wajen girka gidauniyoyin da za su tallafawa aikin jarida

Labaran tallafi: Gidauniyoyi da kafafen yada labaran da ba ruwansu da riba

Hanyoyin samun kudi masu aiki

Hanyoyi biyar na yadda masu zaman kansu za su iya burge masu bayar da tallafi ta yin amfani da tallan imel.

Shawarwari dangane da hanyoin tallafawa aikin jarida da kafafen labarai dan wadanda ke sha’awar shiga wannan fannin.

Aikin jarida da samar da tallafi ga kafafen yada labarai: Batutuwa biyar da ya kamata ku sani da hanyoyi biyar na farawa

Shawara: Yanzu ana iya tsara dangantakar nan gaba tsakanin ‘yan jarida da masu bayar da tallafi

Sirrin kulla kyakyawar dangantaka tsakanin ‘ya jarida da masu bayar da tallafi.

Rike masu bayar da tallafi ya fi samun sabbi sauki

Kungiyoyin agaji da dakunan labarai masu zaman kansu a yankin kudancin duniya (wato Afirka)

Ba kullun ne bakin masu bayar da tallafi da dakunan labaran da suke tallafawa kan zo day aba “Banbanci tsakanin sanya baki tare da amincewar wadanda abin ya shafa da kutse.”

Tambayoyi hudu da dakunan labarai wadanda ba ruwansu da riba da masu bayar da tallafi ke da su kan dangantakarsu da ke sauyawa kullun.

Wadanne irin kalubale da damammaki ake samu wajen tallafawa aikin jarida a Birtaniya?

Shawarwari hudu (4) ga ‘yan jaridan da ke neman tallafi daga gidauniyoyi.

Attajirai ko kuma masu mallakan billiyoyin kudade ba za su iya gyara tsarin kasuwancin aikin jarida ba

Nasarorin matakan da dakunan labaran California masu zaman kansu suka samu da masu tallafa musu da kudade.

Shawarwari dangane da hanyoyin samun kudi daga Mother Jones

Gidauniyoyi da ginshikin sabon hanyan samun kudi dan gudanar da aikin jarida

Abubuwa biyar da ya kamata a yi cikin wuni daya bayan kammala taron neman tallafi

Damammaki da iyakokin da ake gamuwa da su wajen aikin jaridar da ke samun tallafi

Bincike da girbi: Hanyoyin gudanar da shirye-shiryen neman tallafi (Bridget Gallagher 2014)

Shawarwari dangane da hanyoyin samun kudi daga babban taron GIJN 2013


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Essential Reading / Jan hankalin masu sauraro da samun kudaden shiga: Mahimman karatu

A ko’ina dakunan watsa labarai na la’akari da mahimmancin samun hadin kai ko kuma ma’amala da masu sauraonsu da ma yadda gudanar da abubuwa a fili da samun hadin kan jama’a ke haifar da dangantaka mai aminci wanda kuma zai iya kawo kudaden shiga. Akwai samfura da dama na samun kudade, kuma kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu wadanda ke gudanar da bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida na gwagwada wadannan samfuran domin su gano wadda za ta fi dacewa.

Reader Revenue Toolkit/ Dabarun samun kudi daga masu sauraro/karati

14 steps to use collaborations ro create better journalism and boost revenue/ Matakai 14 na amfani da hadin gwiwa dan inganta aikin jarida da kuma habaka kudaden shiga

More than meet the Eyeballs: How Journalism can benefit from Audience Engagement/ Yadda ma’amala da masu sauraro ko karatu zai inganta aikin jarida

Lessons on solving the Media Membership Puzzle/ Darussa na hanyoyin shawo kan matsalar jan hankalin masu sauraro su rungumi matakin kasancewa mambobi a kafafen yada labarai

Guide to audience Revenue and Engagement/ shawarwarin hulda da masu saurao/karatu da samun kudaden shiga

Reinventing the Rolodex: Why you should ask your members what they know/ Sauyi daga abin da aka saba: Abin da ya sa samun shawara daga masu sauraro ke da mahimmanci

Paths to Subscription: Why Recent Subscribers choose to pay for news/ Hanyoyin samun masu biyan kudi ma labarai wata: Dalilan da ya sa wadansu masu sauraro/karatu ke biyan kudi wata-wata dan samun labaran.

Engagement or Reach: How to best find our Audience – Ma’amala da masu sauraro ko daukan matakan samun dogon zango dan kara yawan masu sauraro: Hanyar da ta fi tasiri wajen samun masu sauraro da suka fi dacewa da mu.


Audience Engagement and Revenue: More Reading / Jan hankalin masu sauraro da samun kudaden shiga: karin karatu

Darussa hudu daga editocin zamani na Instagram da dakunan labaran cikin guda

Yadda bayanai za su taimakawa dakunan labarai wajen yanke shawara kan mambobinsu

Hanyoyi 231 da mawallafa za su iya samun kudi

Mawallafa 3 cikin 4 sun fitar da sabobin hanyoyin cimma bukatun da suka bulla da zuwan COVID-19, “Daga sauya suffer kamfanin zuwa sabbin hanyoyin samun kudaden shiga”

“111% more article clicks”: Yadda wata sabuwar alama a shafin Facebook zai iya taimakawa mawallafa wajen yin ma’amala da masu karanta rahotanninsu

“Labarai na sauyawa a hanyoyi masu kayatarwa”: Yadda mawallafa ke amfani da manhajan Instagram su ja hankalin matasa su kuma kara yawan masu sauraro/karanta labaran su

What if Scale Breaks Communitya: Hanyoyin cigaba da ma’amala da al’umma sadda aikin jarida ke fuskantar kalubale

Binciken da aka yi kan manyan kamfanonin yada labarai 600 ya bayyana mahimman dabaru hudu da mawallafa za su iya amfani da su wajen inganta ma’amalarsu da masu sauraro.

Shawarwari ga kamfanonin da ke neman ma’amala da mambobinsu da kuma habaka kudaden shiga

Da ruwan ciki ake jan na rijiya Hanyoyin zuba jari wadanda ta su habaka yawan mambobi

Abin da za mu iya koyo daga komawa matakin samun mambobi

Pico na neman sanya fasahar CRM a shafukan kafofin yada labaran da ke hankoron samar da dangantaka tsakaninsu da masu sauraronsu – Nieman Labs

Shwarwari biyar (Da misalai da dama) na yadda za’a iya ma’amala da amsu sauraro a dakunan labaran Turai

Daukar jagorancin sha’awar da ke karfafa samfurin sayar da labarai ga mambobi WAN-IFRA

Dakunan labarai sun fara mayar da fifiko kan wadanda suke nuna musu aminci fiye da yawan lokutan da aka karanta labaran da suka wallafa. Poynter

Bayanai kan abin da ya sa masu sauraro ke yarda su biya dan labarai. Twipe

A goge labaran da babu wanda ya karanta. A gabatar da abubuwa na bazata da sauran dabaru na jan hankalin masu sauraro Niemand Lab

Darussa biyar daga dabarar samun mambobi na jaridar Guardian, na tsawon shekaru 3 yanzu a

Kowa na cewa samun mambobi shi ne makomar aikin jarida. Ga yadda za ku iya aiwatar da wannan Rob Wijnberg wanda ya kirkiro de Corespondent

Barkan ku da zuwa shawarwarin samun kudaden shiga daga masu sauraro/karatu Cibiyar ‘yan jaridar Amirka

Ma’amala da masu sauraro zai iya kasancewa mafi mahimmanci ga dakunan labarai: Darussa 4 da ya kamata a duba RJI Online

Akwai bukatar habaka masu sauraro ko karanta ayyukan ku? Ku kawo editan habaka Atlantic 57

Tantance batun samun mambobi: Abin da ya sa kasancewa mamba da biya wata-wata suka kasance abubuwa daban-daban

Ba kwa sauraro yadda ya kamata: yadda ‘yan jarida za su iya magana kadan, sauraro da yawa domin taimakawa al’ummomi yadda ya kamata

Abin da ya sa masu labarai ke neman mambobi duk da cewa kudin kalilan ne

Mun tattauna da daruruwan mutane masu zaman kansu wadana ke tallafawa labarai a bara. Ga abubuwan da suka bayyana mana

Shawararmu dangane da aikin jaridar da masu sauraro za su dauki nauyi nan gaba da yadda za ku iya karawa da naku

Idan ya zo ga kaddamar da shirin mambobi da gaske kuma mai dorewa a aikin jarida, ku bukaci da yawa.

Idan har kamfanonin labarai suka rungumi tsarin ma’amala da masu sauraro, kudin zai biyo baya?

Hanyoyin samun kudi ta yin ma’amala da masu sauraro

Abin da shafinku zai iya koyo daga shafukan labarai 100 da ke da kwararan shirye-shirye na mambobi

Abin da wata kafar yada labaran da ta durkushe za ta iya koya mana kan damawa da masu sauraro wajen samar da rahotanni

Lokaci ya yin a gudanar da hadaka mai amfani

Shin “Engagement” ko kuma hulda babbar kalma ce kawai?

Neman shawara daga wajen masu sauraro/karatu

Lokacin da tsarin mambobi bai dace ba

Masu karatu yawanci sun fi so biya kudi dan samun labarai dangane da wani gari ko wuri – Shafukan da aka gina kan wadansu mahimman batutuwa fa?

Rahoto: “Hanyoyin hulda; Fahimtar yadd dakunan labarai ke aiki da al’ummomi”

Tsarin mambobi na kasancewa alfanu ga wadansu kafofin labarai

Tsarin aikin da ya fi dacewa ma dakunan labarai su yi amfani da shi wajen biyan bukatun al’ummomin da suka shahara a abubuwa na musamman.

Watakila muna da halin kirki, tunda mun yi imanin cewa samun tallafin kudi daga masu sauraro/karatu ne kadai zai sa mu cigaba da kasancewa masu ‘yancin kan mu.

Wat hira da farfesan NYU kuma mai sharhi kan abubuwan da suka shafi kafafen yada labarai Jay Rosen kan dalilin da ya sa samun mambobi zai kasance hanyar tabbatar da dorewar aikin jarida a matsayin hanya ta yi wa kasa hidima.

Wannan shirin rahotannin na neman samun damar gudanar da bincike mai zurfi kan lamuran da suka shafi muhalli ma mutanen da ke bukata.

Sabbin dabari a aikin jarida ta hanyar amfani da tsarin hulda da jama’a

“Hello da mutun a wurin?” Auna hulda da masu sauraro da rawar da suke takawa.


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Case Studies / Jan hankalin masu sauraro da samun kudaden shiga: Misalai

Memberkit 101: Inganta nazari da kuma gina kundin bayanai na samar da tsarin mambobi

Karfin amfani da sabbin dabaru wajen aiwatar da aikin jarida na gargajiya a shafukan yanar gizo: Kwararan misalai biyar

Binciken masu karatu/sauraro a jaridar The Atlantic: Yadda mu ke amfani da shi- da abin da muke tunanin ba zai yi mana ba

“ThinkIn” outside the box: Yadda mawallafa ke amfani da tattaunawa na musamman da sukan yi da mambobinsu wajen inganta ayyukansu da kuma samun labarai

Gudanar da aune-aune domin cimma burinmu: Auna tasirin City Bureau

Ana iya tura labarai a matsayin sakon text? Sabuwar jaridar The New Paper a Indiana na tunanin haka.

Da mambobi 7,000 rayuwarmu ya riga ya sauya”: Yadda jaridar The Daily Maverick ta kirkiro shirin mambobinta

Darussa da labarai daga shekaru 130 na kasancewa mamba a kasidar National Geographic. Membership Puzzle

Ku shiga Kulob: yadda bukukuwa irin su Burning Man da sauran kungiyoyin hadin gwiwa ke taimakawa aikin jarida. Hadin gwiwar kafafen yada labarai ne samfurin kasuwancin nan gaba?

Hadin gambiza, gungun shafukan labarai a yankin Asiya sun rungumi wani salon a bunkasa a hankali da fahimatar masu sauraro/karatu

Wasu ‘yan jarida, Amirkawa masu asalin Iberiya sun samar da wata sabuwar dabara na samar da bayanai ta yin amfani da sabbin fasahohi da kirkiro al’umma

Tsarin kowa ya biya kudin iya abin da ya saya: De Correspondent zai je Amirka da sabon salon sayen bayanai.

Abubuwa 4 da HBR ya koya bayan aiwatar da gwaje-gwaje da masu sauraro

Yadda wata kafar yada labarai na cikin gida Berkeleyside ya tara dala milliyan guda ta karbar kudi kai tsaye daga al’umma

Aiki da mambobi, jaridar Republik na neman nuna cewa akwai bukatar labarai irin wanda masu sauraro za su biya su samu a Switzerland

Ta hanyar tura sakonnin text zuwa mazauna yankunan cikin gida, Outlier Media na hada masu neman labarai wadanda ke da masu karamin albashi da bayanai masu amfani irin wadanda su ke bukata.

Yadda tashar VOX ke amfani da kungiyoyin shafin Facebook ya gina al’umma

PolitiFact ya tara $105, 000 cikin kwanaki 20 da sabon shirin shi na rajistan mambobi

Gather zai samar da dandalin da zai gano amsoshin tamnayoyin da ke kewaye da tsarin ma’amala da masu sauraro.

Sabon dandalin Gather na da burin hada ‘yan jarida da tallafa wa wadanda ke aiki wajen hulda da jama’a.

Yadda De Correspndent he horas da marubuta dangane da ma’amala da masu karatu da kuma shiga Tsakani a matsayin jagoran tattaunawa ko kuma “discussion leader”

Misalan huldodin ‘yan jarida masu zaman kansu da masu sauraro/Karatu ( A Amirka)

Abin da mambobi ke cewa dangane da dalilan da ya sa suke goyon bayan De Correspondent

Cikin sa’o’i kalilan shirin The Marshalll ya sami makudan kudi daga sabon shirin shi na rajistan mambobi

Jaridar The Atlantic ta kaddamar da wani shirin da ya bukaci mambobi su biya mai suna The Masthead

Yadda Mother Jones ke yin aikin jarida a zamanin hotunan bidiyon maguna: Suna tambayar kudi

Sabuwar kamfanin Dutch The Playwall ba baiwa masu karantawa zabin biya ta yanar gizo bayan sun amsa wasu tambayoyi

Yadda wannan jaridar ke jan hankalin mambobinta: Damawa da su tun a lokacin hada labaran.

Guardian ta gudanar da bincike kan dakunan labarai masu hulda da mambobi kawai a duk fadin duniya

De Correspondent yanzu yana da mambabi dubu 50 masu biya: Kalubale uku mafi girma a shekarar 2017

Hanyar kaiwa milliyan guda: Jaridar The Gurardian tashi daga mambobi dubu 15 masu biya zuwa dubu 200 a bara kawai

Tsarin wata al’umma ta gudanar da bincike mai zurfi a Canada ya sami karbuwa a matakin kasa baki daya


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Newsletters / Jan hankalin masu sauraro da samun kudaden shiga: Wasikun labarai

Domin jan hankalin masu karatu bayan COVID-19 mawallafana ganin cewa rubuta wasikun da ke dauke da labarai da kuma shirye-shiryen rediyo na podcast za su fi tasiri

Yadda kamfanin Indiegraaf ya kaddamar da tashoshin labaran cikin gida guda 6 lokacin COVID-19

Wasikun labarai na da mahimmanci wajen tabbatar da amincin masu karantawa. Ga yadda za’a iya cin moriyar su

Ba wasikun labarai ba, jagora na wata-wata

Bayani kan dabarun tsara wasikun labarai

Yadda sabbin dabarun samar da wasikun labarai ke baiwa mawallafa kudaden shiga. Mene ne sabo a duniyar Wallafa

Shawarwari 201 na inganta wasikun labarai – habaka yawan masu samu, karin kudi da sauransu. Newsletter Guide

Hanyar inganta wasikun labarai Betternews

Yadda masu wallafa wasikun labarai za su iya maido kwastamominsu Digiday

Kai wasikun labaran imel zuwa kashi 78 Digital Content Next

Dabarun hulda da jama’a domin bunkasa yawan al’umma da masu karantawa Medium

Yadda za ku iya fara na ku wasikun labaran

Darussa 6 kan imel da bunkasa yawan masu sauraro/karantawa a labaran kamfanonin da ba ruwansu da riba

Abin da nazarin wasikun labaran Axion 1,300 ya koya mana

Yadda jaridar Wall Street ke kwaskware wasikun labaranta – tana kuma kokarin kara alkinta ta.

Wasikun labarai mafi kyau

Abin da ya sa jaridar New York Times ke son wasikun labarai gajeru

Ga duk abubuwan da ya kamata ku sani dangane da wasikun labaran da ake biya, wasikun labarai na gajeren lokaci, gajerun labaran safe da kuma wasikun labaran al’ummomi

Farillan rubuta wasikun labarai: Rubuta imel

Amfani da kayan aikin kimiyyar bayanai wajen nazarin masu karanta imel

Jaridar Politico mallakar Brazil? Mai samun tallafi daga wasikun labaran da ake biya Poder360 na gudanar da bincike kan madafun ikon kasar.

Darussan da aka koya daga bunkasar wasikun labaran Vox Media

Gina wasikin labarai mai inganci

Yadda ya dace a rubuta sakon imel mai dauke da wasikun labaran da masu karantawa za su karanta da gaske

Hanyoyi hudu da wasikun labarai za su iya kaiwa akalla kashi 50 zuwa 60 cikin 100

Ka shawarwari 42 na rubuta wasikar labaran dakunan watsa labaranku na nan gaba.

Abu daya da kowace kafar labarai na dijital ke bukata ita ce Wasikun labarai,

Amfani da kayayyakin aikin kimiyyar bayanai don nazarin masu karantawa: Jagorar bincike

Kuna so ku fawa wasikar labarai? Ku fara da karanta wannan NPR guidance on design 2016


Audience Engagement and Revenue: Events / Jan hankalin masu sauraro da samun kudaden shiga: Taruka

Salon shirya taruka masu mahimmanci na hulda da jama’a Todd Milbourn and Lisa Heyamoto

Shawarwari na shirya taro kai tsaye mai marawa aikin jarida baya

Yadda ake kaddamar da sana’ar shirya taron da zai yi nasara

Yadda ake amfani da kafofin yada labaran al’umma wajen shirye taruka kan tatsuniyoyi da labaran da za su ja hankalin masu bayar da kudin tallafi kyauta

Jaridar The New York Times tana kara inganta shirinta na kiran masu sayen labaranta kai tsaye su yi hira kamar yadda ake yi a rediyo

Yadda wata jarida ta kaddamar da wani shirin wakokin adabi na rap domin ta inganta talla

Aikin jarida kai tsaye: Yadda shirye-shirye ke tabbatar da huldodi da kuma bunkasa yawan kudaden shiga

Wata jaridar da ba ruwanta da riba a New York ta tara dalan Amirla $7100 da makida da tallan hotunan zanen da garaya.


Commercial Revenue/ Kudadne shiga daga hada-hadar kasuwanni

Commercial Revenue: Essential Reading/Kudaden shiga daga hada-hadar kasuwanni: mahimman batutuwan karantawa

Kudaden shiga na kasuwanci na daukar suffofi daban-daban kuma zai iya bayar da karin kudin da ake bukata a kungiyoyin yada labaran da ba ruwansu da riba ko kuma ma cikakken tallafin da su ke bukata. Wannan ya hada da talla, da kudaden da masu sayen labarai ke biya wata-wata da sauransu:

Labaran Google da INN sun wallafa littafi mai tsokaci kan yadda kafofin labaran da ba ruwansu da riba za su iya samun kudaden shiga- Littafi ne da ke nuna wa dakunan labarai yadda za su bunkasa kudaden shiga daga talla, masu daukan nauyin taro, karban kudi dan wallafa wadansu batutuwa da ma sauran hanyoyin samun kudi.

Yadda ya kamata a auna kudaden shiga na kasuwanci a matsayin dabara ta tabbatar da dorewar kafafen yada labaran da ke bincike mai zurfi. A wannan kasidar, mawallafi Ross Settles ya mayar da hankalu ne kan kafofin yada labarai na dijital da kasuwanci a cibiyar aikin jarida da nazarin kafofin yada labarai da ke jami’ar Hong Kong

Darussa na koyarwa da koyon aikin jarida na kasuwanci da (Duba kwatancen da Jeremy Kaplan, darectan illimi a cibiyar Tow-Knight na aikin jarida na kasuwanci a jami’ar birnin New York)

Sabbin hanyoyin da mawallafa za su iya samun kudaden shiga daga yanar gizo

Reader Revenue Kit – Taska mai kunshe da labarai kan batutuwa daban-daban wadanda ke hannun American Press Institute

Commercial Revenue: More Reading/ Samun kudaden shiga daga hada-hadar kasuwanci: Karin Karatu

Dalilin da ya say a kamata a raba aikin jarida daga kudaden tallafin da ke zuwa daga hada-hadar kasuwanni

Rikicin kamfanin Fortnite da kamfanonin Apple da Google zai iya yin tasiri kan kamfanonin da ke buga jaridu da litattafai

Shawarwari masu amfani wa kungiyoyin masu yada labarai dangane da hanyoyin tantance dabarun samun kudi

Yadda jaridar Washington Post ke daidaita tsakanin kudaden da take samu daga talla da wadanda ke zuwa daga kudin da ma

su karanta labaran ke biya wata-wata- Digiday

Dabarun da ake amfani da su wajen sauya kafar yada labarai zuwa wadda za ta rika samun kudi daga masu karanta labaran. Cibiyar ‘yan jaridan Amirka. ‘Yar gajeruwar jagora kan kalubale na fasaha da dabarun da akan fiskanta wajen samar da tsarin karbar kudi

Alfanu da rashin alfanun babban jarin kafar yada labarai daga kasidar Columbia Journalism Review

Kamfanin Apple na magana da manyan kamfanonin jarida dangane da yiwuwar hada gwiwa da su a shirin ssu na biya wata-wata. Recode

Sabbin hanyoyin da mawallafa za su iya samun kudi daga yanar gizo

Hanyar kaddamar da kwas mai riba sosai a yanar gizo yayin da ake bunkasa yawan masu sauraro

Kalaman batsan da ‘yan jarida za su iya amfani da su, ba tare da jin kunya ba

Sabbin fasahohi da ke share fagen gudanar da aikin jarida mai riba

“No silver bullet”: Duk da irin karuwar da mawallafa ke samu a kudaden shiga, bai kai yawan kudin da suke rasawa a talla ba

Mutane na biyan kudi dan samun bayanai: Ga yadda mawallafa ke cin moriya.

Mahaukaciyar shawara na samun kudin tallafawa labaran cikin gida: A sa jama’a su biya

Yayin da kungiyoin yada labarai a duniya ke cigaba da fama da karancin talla, da yawa sun fara mayar da hankali kan daidaikun da ke sayen labaran daga wurinsu.

Sabbin kamfanonin labaran da ke da jari da fagen aikin jarida

Damammakin sabbin kamfanonin yada labarai a kamfaninin labarai

Dangataka mai sarkakiyar da ke tsakanin kafofin yada labarai da tallafin VC

Sabbin kafofin yada labarai: ‘yan jarida kan sauya su zama ‘yan kasuwa ne dan tabbatar da aikin jarida mai inganci

Yadda Buzzfeed ke gina hanyoyi daban-daban na samun kudi ba tare da taimakon Facebook ba

Jeff Bezos na da shawara ga masu kamfaninin yada labarai: “Ku ce mutane su biya. Za su biya”

Wanda ya yarda da labarai kuma yana biya dan samu

Martin Baron: “Akwai kasuwanci hade Imani a batun gudanar da bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida

Commercial Revenue: Advertising/ Samun kudaden shiga daga hada-hadar kasuwanci: Talla

Tsarin tallar da ya lilace ya kan baiwa masu aikata miyagun ayyuka damar satan bayanai cikin sauki

Tallace-tallace na dijital a Amirka ya wuce billiyan 100 na dalar Amirka a shekarar 2018 – Tech Crunch

Binciken hanyoyin samun kudi a yanar gizo Mozilla

Shawarwari kan fasahar talla Tow Center

‘Yan jarida na shakkun fasahohin talla amma kuma sun dogara da shi. CJR

Mene ne sabo a duniyar wallafa litattafa, bayanai 50 na sanya kafafen yada labarai biya. (Kashi na biyu)

An fara daina kasha kudi kan talla a Amirka, yayin da masu wallafa kasidu ke cigaba da fiskantar matsala WWD

Jaridar Financial Times ta kirkiro wata fasaha ta nazarin masu sauraro/ karantawa domin bunkasa talla da maimaita wadanda suka sami karbuwa Digiday

Karshen talla na gargajiya kamar yadda kuma san ta. Rahotn Nieman

Commercial Revenue: Subscription/Paywall/ Samun kudaden shiga daga hada-hadar kasuwanci: Biyan kudi

Hanyoyi 7 da COVID ya yi tasiri kan dabarun da ake amfani da su wajen biyan kudi don labarai

Yadda ake kirkiro tsarin da ya tanadi masu karanta/sauraron labarai su biya: Darussa daga kasashen Spainda Burtaniya

Samun mambobi a kafafen yada labarai zai taimakawa aikin jarida kuma zai taimaka mi shi ya yi sauyi: Me ya sa mawallafa suke neman bunkasa fiye da masu biyan kudi dan labarai

Watakila tsarin biyan kudi ba zai yi muku aiki ba

Yadda kasidar Economist ta ninka yawan mutanen da ke biya sau uku ta yin amfani da manhajan LinkedIn

Yadda mawallafan yau za su iya amfani da bayanai, da misalan ayyukan da szja yi ficce su kuma koyi dabarun gina sabbin hanyoyin samun kudi

Tabbatar da tsaro a wurin biya! (Da wasu darusssa daga binciken da aka yi a kamfanoni 500 na masu wallafa jaridu

Yadda dakunan labarai za su yi kara yawan masu sayen labarai wurinsu da ma’amala da su Lens Fest

Chartbeat ya shafe sa’o’i 400 yana nazarin hanyar sayen labarai na subscription – Ga abin da muka gano. Digital Content Next

Zuba jari a hanyar biyan kudi na subscripzion zai kawo bunkasa na kashi 2000 cikin 100 – International New Media Association

Commercial Revenue: Subscription/Paywalls – Case Studies/ Samun kudaden shiga daga hada-hadar kasuwanci: Hanyoyin biyan kudi – Misalai

Commercial Revenue: Syndication, Publishing Partnerships, Rights Sales/ Hadin gwiwa, kawancen wallafa, ‘yancin sayarwa


Crowdfunding/Samun gudunmawa daga jama’a

Crowdfunding: Essential Reading/ Samun gudunmawa daga jama’a: Mahimman karatu

Binciken GIJN na bayar da shawarwari dangane da ya kamata a tsara a kuma aiwatar da gangamin neman kudi daga jama’a, sunayen shafukan kasa da na yankuna da ake aiwatar da irin wannan gangamin da ma irin dabaru da abubuwan da ya kamata a yi amfani da su.

A babban tarn GIJN wanda aka gudane a birnin Hamburg Tamas Bodoky na Atlastszo da ke kasar Hungary, ya fadada wannan a karkashin rukunoni bakwai (kuna iya ganin cikakken bayani a nan tipsheet)

  1. Samar da hanyoyi da dandaloli daban-daban na karbar gudunmawa
  2. Mayar da hankali wajen samun gudunmawa da yawa daga wadanda za su rika bayar da kadan amma a kai-a kai.
  3. A kasashen da karkashin mulkin da ba shi da sassauci, masu bayar da gudunmawa sun fi so a sakaya sunayensu
  4. Kayayyakin kyauta ko saidawa masu dauke da tambarin kamfanin/kafar yada labaran suna taimakawa wajen samun masu bayar da gudunmawa
  5. Talla na da mahimmancin gaske
  6. A yi amfani da abubuwa masu kayatarwa da ban dariya wajen shirya gangamin karbar gudunmawar daga jama’a
  7. Auna abin da ke aiki da wanda ba ya yi

Domin karin bayani duba shafin GIJN

  • Samun gudunmawar jama’a domin ‘yan jarida
  • Shawarwari dangane da samun gudunmawa daga jama’a
  • Shafukan samun tallafin jama’a a duniya baki daya
  • Shafukan yankuna
  • Shawarwari da darussa
  • Ababen shirya gangamin samun gudunmawa daga jama’a na kyauta

Abubuwan da ya dace ku yi kafin ku fara neman tallafi daga jama’a Cibiyar ‘yan Jaridan Turai

Mun yi nasarar shirya irin wadannan gangamin: Ga wasu darussan da muka dauka. Kuna iya amfani da su wa dakunan labaranku


Crowdfunding: Case Studies/Samun gudunmawa daga jama’a: Misalai

Yadda kafar yada labaran the correspondent ta tara milliyan biyu da rabi na dala ($2.5m) cikin kwanaki 29 Engaged Journalism

Kafar tara wa ‘yan jarida gudunmawa daga jama’a ta sami lambar yabo na kasancewa gwarzo a masana’antan fasaha da kafafen yada labarai a kasidar kasuwanci na kasar New Zealand mai suna New Zealand Herald

Kafar da ke amfani da tallafin jama’a wajen gudanar da aikin jarida inda ma’aikatan jarida bas u da ‘yancin walwala sosai. Kasidar da ke bitar ayyukan jarida a Columbia

Bayan da ta yi nasarar samun gudunmawar jama’a kasidar Ssiss Republik ta fara tsara sabuwar taswirar hanyar “mayar da aikin jarida bisa turbar da aka fi sani” Nieman Lab

A Italia, Il Giornale na amfani da tallafin jama’a ne wajen kawo rahotanni daga yankunan da ake yaki

Jaridar The Guardian a Amirka ta sami sama da $50,000 dan yin rahotanni dangane da filayen jama’ar da ake saidawa

OCCRP Crowd Funding Campaing


Special Topics/Batutuwa na musamman

Special Topics /Batutuwa na musamman: Podcasting/ shirye-shiryen saurare

Wasu hanyoyin samun kudaden shiga: Podcasts/ shirye-shiryen saurare kan yanar gizo

Hanyoyi 8 da mawallafa za su iya samun kudi da shirye-shiryen Podcast

Jagoran mawallafi kan podcast: Sauke rahoton

Samun tallafi dan shirye-shiryen rediyo da na saurare kan yanar gizo

Makomar shirye-shiryen podcast it ace zamar da sun a biya – Darussa daga tarihin kafofin yada labarai

Da manyan taurari a fanin fina-finai da nishadi da kuma kudaden biya Luminary na kokarin zama Netflix na shirye-shriyen podcast.

Abin da ya sa rediyo zai yi dadin sana’a

Mutane millyan 10 suka sauke shirin podcast din da ya yi bincike dangane da batun cewa malaman makaranta sukan sami dalibi daya da suka fi so cikin duka dallabansu, abin da aka fi sani da teacher’s pet a turance

Dalilai 7 da ya say a kamata ku saurari shirye-shiryen podcat

Samun kudi daga shirye-shiryen podcast.

Special Topics /Batutuwa na musamman: Micropayments/Biya kadan-kadan

Abin da ya sa tsarin biyan kudi kadan-kadan bai mutu ba

Hanyoyin jan hankalin masu karanta labaran da aka sanya a yanar gizo har su so biyan kudi – daga biya kadan har ziwa biyan kudade a soshiyal mediya. Kawancen Editocin Duniya. (Global Editors Network)

A Winnipeg na kasar Canada biyan kudi kadan ba ya wani kawo makudan kudi amma kuma dabara ce mai kyau wajen samun abin da ake bukata

Kamar yadda ake sauya yanayi mawallafa sun sake komawa ga karbar biya kadan-kadan

Special Topics /Batutuwa na musamman: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency/ sabbin fasahohin kudi

Links on other sites and other languages

Special Topics/ Batutuwa na musamman: News Co-operatives/Kungiyoyin labarai na dafa wa juna

Sabin tsarin kasuwanci ya bulla:  Ga labaran dijital na hadin gwiwa

Tsokacin Edita: An fara wallafa wannan labarin ne a jaridar Non-Profit Quaterly (NPQ)- Jaridar da ke fita bayan kowani watanni uku a yanar gizo ranar 3 ga watan Maris 2021. Muna farin cikin sake wallafa mu ku shi a nan da izinin su. Duk da cewa labarin ya fi mayar da hankali kan kasuwannin Amirka ne akwai darussan da duniya za ta iya yin koyi da su. Hakika, kamar yadda labarin ya bayyana, dadaddu jaridun hadin gwiwar da masu karantawa ne ke jagora na na a kasashen Turai, da Mexico kuma sun fara samun tushe a kasashen Canada da Uruguay

Cikakken yunkurin jama’a ke nan: Rabon da dimokiraddiyarmu ta yi rauni haka tun lokacin yakin basasa, a yanzu ba wanda ya yadda da cibiyoyin gwamnati, kuma kafar samun labaran cikin gida mai cike da tarihi wanda ke karfafa jama’a – wato jaridun al’ummomi – suna ta fuskantar koma baya na tsawon shekaru fiye da goma. Kashi daya cikin hudu na jaridun Amirka sun rufe tun shekarar 2004 kuma annobar COVID-19 ta sake ta’azara wannan matsala.

Bacin yunkurin da ake yi na fadada matsalar mutuwar kamfanonin jaridun da sabbin shafukan dijital – wasu masu burin samun riba wasu kuma ba ruwansu da samun riba – adadinsu ba ya karuwa da sauri kamar yadda ake so, dan sum aye gurbin wadanda ke bata. Binciken jami’ar jihar North Carolina (UNC) ya rubuta yadda jaridun ke cigaba da bata daga iyaka zuwa iyaka.

Amma tsaya – Wani haske ne ake hange?

Shafin labarai na hadin gwiwa na farko a kasar ke kokarin fara wani salon samar da labaran a birnin Akron da ke jihar Ohio. The Devil Strip (ko kuma zirin shaidan) – wanda sunan mai jan hankali ya sami asali daga zirin ciyawan da ya raba tsakanin titin mota da ‘yar hanyar simintin da mutane ke tafiya kai a kan hanya – Na bukin cika shekara guda a matsayin ta na jaridar hadin gwiwa, tare da mambobi kusan dubu guda, kuma a cewar mawallafi Chris Horne, har ma sun gota yawan kudaden shigan da su ka yi kiyasin za su samu. Shin wannan zai iya kasancewa alamar cewa jaridun hadin gwiwan za su dore kuma zasu fadada; kuma al’ummomi za su sami karuwa daga jama’an da za su rika samun bayanai nagari wanda zai tabbatar da al’umma mai lafiya?

Tuni an fara yunkurin auna hakan a Northern Carolina, Maryland, Hartford, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Boston, Massachusetts; Springfield Massachusetts; kauyukan Maine da sauransu. Shirin Bayan Project wanda na kafa, shi ne ya fara samar da samfurin labaran dijital na hadin gwiwa a al’umma. Hasali ma yanzu al’ummomi fiye da 40 sun tuntube mu. Kowani shiri na da banbanci: Alal misali, a Boston, burin shi ne samar da majiyar labarai mai nagarta wa al’ummar bakaken fatan da ke da yawan gaske a yankin metro.

Mene ne Labarain Hadin gwiwa ko kuma News Co-ops?

Masu rajin tabbatar da labaran al’umma na hadin gwiwa na ganin wannan salon samar da labaran da suke shiryawa na da babban daman samun nasara a wuraren da shafukan dijital ke fama da rashin karbuwa ko kuma su ke mutuwa, hatta wuraren da ma babu wata majiyar labarai baki daya. Duk da haka dai, har yanzu wannan tsarin bai gama haduwa ba kuma abin da ya ke alkawartawa ba’a riga an sami hujjar yiwuwarsa ba. Kamar kowani irin tsari ko salon a sana’a, wani abu na iya faruwa.

A yanzu haka dai masu shirya wannan tsari na hangen shi daga fannoni daban-daban:

  • Masu karatu, news co-ops cibiyoyin al’umma ne wadanda ke cike gibin bukatun al’umma na labarai da bayanai – yayin da suke kuma bayar da shafukan dijital inda al’umma za ta ga irin martanonin da jama’a ke mayarwa dangane da labarai, har su ma su hada kai a yunkurin da ake yi wajen taimaka ma al’umma. Co-ops su kan shirya duk labarai da ma sauran bayanan da ake bukata kyauta kuma da kan su domin kowa ya karanta.
  • Mawallafa, wannan tsarin na samar da kudaden shiga daga sayar da wani abu mai daraja – kamar damar kasancewa mamba da kuma wani kaso da damar jefa kuri’a a cibiyar da hidima mai mahimmanci kadai ta ke yi wa al’umma ba hatta bayar da murya. Kudaden da ake biya na maye gurbin kudin da ake biya wajen sayen jaridun. Ita dai news co-op burinta shi ne ta baiwa al’umma damar baiwa kansu kyakyawan fata
  • Mambobi, alfunun da za su samu shi ne wani kaso na kamfanin da kuma damar zabe, amma wannan soma tabi ne. Ginshikin shi, shi ne sanin cewa yunkurinsu zai taimaka wajen samar da cibiyar da za ta tabbatar cewa kowa a al’ummar ya san batutuwan da ke da mahimmanci. Banda haka idan aka sami dandali na dijital mambobi na da damar rubuta abubuwa, sa’annan a wasikun da za’a rubuta za’a tambaye su ra’ayoyinsu da abubuwan da suka sani dangane da batu da ma wadanda suke so a wallafa kuma ta yaya za’a wallafa. Wadanda ba mambobi ba basu da wanann damar.
  • Masu abin tallatawa, ma wadanda ke biyan kudi mafi yawa suna samun karin abubuwa kamar sanya sana’ansu a takardar sana’o’i dan kowa ya gani, suna samun ragi idan suna so su yi talla. Kuma ba kaman sauran shafukan intanet ba, za su san wuraren da tallansu zai fita kuma za’a yi komai da nagarta. Za’a sanar da irin alfanun da abin da ake tallatawa ke da shi ga al’umma. Idan har al’umma ta san alfanun shi tabbas zai sami ciniki.
  • Al’umma, labaran za su sanar da masu ‘yancin zabe a al’ummar da duk wani abin da ya kamata su sani, kuma zai basu damar shiga a dama da su irin wanda jaridu da sauran fasahohi ba za su iya ba.

Haka nan kuma doka ta bukaci co-ops su yi jagoranci irin na dimokiradiyya, ta yadda kowani mamba na da kuri’a yin zabe na ‘yan kwamitin zartarwa wadanda za su zaba kuma su sanya ido kan ayyukan edita da babban darekta. Ana iya samun daruruwa ko dubban mambobi ya dai danganta ne da yawan al’umma. Wannan zai raba iko tsakanin mutanen al’umma ta yadda kowa zai sami murya ko kuma karfin fada a ji.

Co-op da ke aiki da kyaua kulluyaumin zai tambayi mambobi ra’ayoyin su ya kuma gayyace su wajen tattauna abubuwan da suka shafe su ko ta hanyar yanan gizo ko kuma ido da ido. Ana kuma iya horas da mutane kan aikin jarida, karatun jarida, da sauran abubuwan da suka shafi ci-gaba. Wannan zai inganta dangantakar da ke tsakanin al’umma. A zamanin da babu aminci sosai da kuma akw samun karancin dangantaka a tsakanin ‘yan al’umma hankulan mutane na komawa ga batutuwan da suka shafi sauran kasashen duniya, rawar da news co-ops na da mahimmancin gaske.

Ga dimokradiyya, akwai dama sosai na samun alfanu musamman idan wannan salon na News co-op ya dore a wuraren da salon aikin jarida na samun riba da na wanda ba ruwan su da riba ba su dore ba. A cikin jaridu fiye da 2100 da suka mutu a 2004 wadanda ake bugawa kowane rana ba su kai 100 ba yawancin su mako-mako ake bugawa. Jaridar UNC da aka ambato a sama ya sami shafuka 525 a matakin al’umma. Wannan adadin ya karu – Cibiyar labarai wadanda ba ruwansu da riba kwanan nan ya bayar da labarin yadda yawan mambobinsu ya karu – amma a daidai lokacin da wannan ke faruwa jaridu fiye da 60 suka mutu.

Co-ops na daukar suffofi daban-daban. News co-ops sun shiga rukunnai daban-daban ke nan kuma wadanda ke cin moriyarsu ke mallakarsu. Yawancin wadanda ke karantawa ne za su mallake co-ops din kamar dai yadda kungiyoyin adashe da na abinci ke yi. Irin wadannan ba su girma sosai amma kuma ana iya daukan darussa daga wurinsu. Kungiyoyin bashi ko Credit Unions misali kanana ne kuma a matsayin masana’anta, kungiyoyin bashi 5,133 da ke kasar na da mambobi milliyan 123.7 wadanda ke da kaddarar da ke da darajar trilliyan $1.79 na dallan Amurka. Wannan ya fi Wells Fargo wanda shi ne banki mafi girma a mataki na uku a Amirka, idan har News co-op suka sami shiga haka, ba karamin riba dimokiradiyya za ta yi ba.

Alfanu da rashin alfanu

To wadanne irin alfanu ne news co-op suke da shi?

Da fatan samun tallafin masu karatu, labaran dijital da suka kafu sukan nemi hanyar hulda domin su ja hankalin masu sha’awan labaran rediyo da talbijin wadanda za su tallafa mu su da kudi. Wadanda ke rajin ganin News Co-op ya habaka suna da ra’ayin cewa kasancewa mamba a irin kungiyoyin ya fi daraja – akwai daidaito, damar zabe, da kuma damar fada a ji a mahimman batutuwan da suka shafi al’umma. Idan har news co-ops suka nuna cewa irin wadannan huldodin su na da mahimmanci za su ja hankalin mambobi kuma idan har suka iya rike su yadda ya kamata, kudaden shiga za su karu. Wanann kudaden da za su samu zai taimaka wajen gudanar da shafukansu da su kansu masu gudanarwar, ko a al’ummomin da ba su da wani arziki sosai irin wadanda suka cika rayuwa babu kafar yada labarai.

Wani karin da za’a samu daga amfani da tsarin co-op din kuma shi ne sahihancin shi. Editoci da manyan darektoci suna karkashin wadanda suka mallaki kamfanin ne dan haka alhakin wadanda suka mallaki co-op din ne su sanya ido a kan editocin da sauransu kuma tunda mambobi ne suka mallaki co-op din, ya zo da sauki ke nan, su ne za su tabbatar cewa editoci da darektoci sun yi abin da al’umma ke so.

Wannan ne abin da ya sa ake ganin tsarin na da sahihanci domin abin da aikin jarida da dimokiradiyya ke bukata ke nan – sahihanci

Mene ne kalubalen wannan tsari da wuraren da ta gaza.

  • Daga farko ana bukatar aiki sosai da kuma mambobin da yawa wadanda za su bayar da kudi mai tsoka wanda za’a yi jari da shi kafin a iya kaddamarwa. Wannan ya fi wahala idan aka kwatanta wanda ya riga ya tara kudi ko. To amma ban da haka, saboda yawan mambobin da akan samu wadanda suka riga suka zuba kudi kuma suna so su ga sun yi riba, da wuya kamfanin ke durkushewa. Haka nan kuma sauya kafar yada labarai na dijital ta zama mallakar al’umma ba wuya sosai, abin da Devil Strip ke yi ke nan.
  • Saboda babu co-op da yawa a sana’o’i, da wuya ake samun wanda ke da kwarewa a fannin, haka nan kuma babu wadanda ke da kwarewa wajen co-op na labarai tunda salon sabo ne. Irin co-op din da aka saba na adashe da sauransu ba su cika hulda da mambobi sosai, kuma nan ne wannan ya bambamta domin shi yana bukatar mambobi. Sai dai kuma a lokaci guda editoci na bukatar yanke shawarwari a wasu fannoni domin tafiyar da komai cikin nasara.
  • Mawallafa a shafukan dijital na fannonin wadanda ke riba da wadanda baruwan su da riba nan da nan ake samun shiga sai dai news co-op yana bukatar matakai da yawa domin ya kunshi neman mambobi, duba ciniki da kuma kiyaye duka abubuwan da ake yi a shafin

Mafi mahimmanci dai shi ne ba’a riga an gama gwada tsarin ba. Akron na jagora kuma yayin da ake samun masu nuna sha’awa a wurare daban-daban, wadanda suka saba sanya kudi a kafofin yada labarai na gargajiya har yanzu ba su kai hankalinsu tsarin news co-op ba.

Tsarin na samun karbuwa

Ba da dadewa news co-ops su ka fara bulla a Amurka ba, amma tun ba yau ba ake da jaridu na kasa mallakar masu karantawa a kasashe irin su Jamus, Italia, Switzerland da Mexico abin da ke nuna ma jama’a cewa mutane za su tallafawa jarida ko kafar yada labaran da za ta biya bukatunsu. A yanzu haka dai akwai sabbin news co-op da suka fara samun tushe a kasashen Canada, Uruguay, da Birtaniya. A Amurka, the Devil Strip ne na farko amma akwai wadanda suka biyo baya:

  • The Devil Strip ya fara ne a matsayin jarida na wata-wata amma sai ya fara fiskantar matsala, sai shugaban kamfanin Chris Horne ya yanke shawarar mayar da shi co-op. Wannan yunkurin ya ya yi sanadiyyar tallafi daga kamfanoni 13 abin da ya kai jimilar rabin milliyan na dallan Amurka daga gidauniyar Knight da sauransu – ya kuma ja hankalin Columbia Journalism Review.
  • The Mendocino Voice wannan shafin intanet ne wanda aka fara 2016, shi ma masu shi sun amince su mayar da shi co-op. A wata hira da Kate Maxwell, mai kamfanin, ta ce an riga an kammala duk wani aikin da doka ta tanada. Shi kan shi wannan shafi ya ja hankalin kamfanoni da masu aikin jarida.
  • Bloc by Block, wanda ke da mazaunin shi a Baltimore na farawa daga farko ke nan domin samar da news co-op di da za ta rika samar da labarai ga al’ummomin Maryland. Kevon Paynter mai kamfanin ya ce burin kamfanin shi ne samar da labarai ta yin amfani da manhajar waya
  • Civic Mind na kokarin kaddamar da wata shafin intanet mai suna Hartford Times, dan ta kasance takwarar wata jaridar da aka rika wallafawa a Hartford na tsawon shekaru 159 kafin aka dakatar a shekarar 1976. Civic Mind ta sami ‘yancin amfani da sunan a hukumance kuma mai kamfanin Thomas Clynch yana aikin kirkiro tsarin da ya dan banbanta daga wanda aka sani – yana son na shi ya kasance wand aba ruwan shi da riba kuma mai kuri’a daya da shugabanci daya.

Shirn Banyan inda na ke aiki, ba co-op ba ne amma yana taimakawa wajen samar da co-op ba tare da yin riba ba. Yana bayar da makaman aiki, da tsari da shwarwarin da za su jagoranci kungiyoyin kauyukan da ke da sha’awan fara amfani da tsarin na co-op. Daga nan Bayan sai ya bas u shafukan da ke da irin abubuwan da suke bukata domin yin nasara. Mutane a jihohi 21 sun riga sun tuntube mu dangane da fara amfani da tsarin na Banyan a yankunansu. Banyan ya sami kyautan kudi kuma yana neman wasu karin hanyoyin samun kudin na shekaru masu yawa domin ya iya daukan ma’aikata ya fara girka ofisoshin news co-op a duk wuaren da ake bukata, inda kuma akwai wadanda za su bayar da kai wajen yin aikin kyauta dan su jagoranci wannan yunkurin. A yanzu haka Banyan na aiki da Civic Mind a Hartford.

A wannan lokacin babu news co-op biyu da ke da kama. Daya ya fara a matsayin mallakar mambobi a Canada amma da ya ke babu kudi daga mambobin sai ya durkushe. Ya yi kokarin samun mambobi daga cikin wadanda ke karantawa amma nan ba ba’a yi nasara ba. Wani kuma a Ingila mai suna Bristol’s Cable ya sauya saboda ya bunkasa har ma ya kara kujeru a kwamitin gudanarwa dan “masu bayar da gudunmawa” The Devil Strip na kwaikwayon wannan tsarin ne. Tsoffin kamfanonin co-op din da aka sani a Turai da Mexico sun fara a matsayin jaridu ne kuma salon aikin su ya banbanta. Akwai abubuwa da yawa da ya kamata a koya.

Me ya sa yunkurin amfani da sabon salon ke da amfani?

Kusan ko’ina akwai gibi wajen bayar da labaran cikin gida. Dimokiradiyya ba za ta yiwu ba idan babu al’ummar da ta ke da fahimtar al’amurar da ke faruwa kewaye da ita- dan haka wannan gibin na bukatar cikewa.

Shafukan da ke yanar gizo a yanku haka, da na kudi da wadanda ba ruwansu da riba sukan cike wadansu gibin su bar wasu, binciken UNC ya nuna cewa babu daidaito a yanayin da suke bayar da labaran a tsakanin wadanda ke da karfin tattalin arziki. Akwai wadanda za’a iya ware wa, misali, shafukan da ke karban kudi sun fi samun cigaba ne a yankunan da ke da arziki. Shafukan da ba ruwansu da riba kuma sun fi tasiri a birane inda ake yawan bayar da tallafi. Sai dai bayan kwashe shekaru fiye da 10 ana yunkurin kafa su, shafukan da ake da su har yanzu sun gaza maye gurbin jaridun da suke cigaba da durkushewa bare har su shiga yankunan da ba su ma da jaridun samsam.

Akwai shafukan da suka cancanci yabo domin yadda suke aiki a yankunansu. Akwai jaridu wadanda ba ruwansu da riba da suke kawo labaran gwamnati a jihohin Texas da Vermont kuma suna aiki fiye da yadda jaridu ma su ka yi aikin a baya. Jaridun kasa da na duniya baki daya, masu bincike kuma wadanda ba ruwansu da riba musamman ProPublica da Kungiyar hadin-kan ‘yan jarida masu bincike mai zurfi wadanda ke tasanma gwamnati su kuma samu kyauta mai yawa. Wasu shafukan sun taso suna labaran manyan brianen da suka dade ba su da kafofin yada labarai a yankunan da ke kudancin Chicago. Wadannan suna matukar taimakwa dimokiradiyya.

Haka nan kuma a bangaren labarai masu dadi, Hukumar Karbar Haraji na Cikin Gida ko kuma IRS ta fara barin jaridu su sauya daga masu karban kudi zuwa wadanda ba ruwansu da riba. Jaridar Baltimore The Sun na kan hanyar yin hakan. Wannan matakin ma zai taimaka ma jaridun da suka kusan durkushewa su mike. Akwai kuma yunkurin da ake gani na samun tallafi wa kamfanonin jarida na dijital da ake da su yanzu.

Duk da haka dai akwai wuraren da ba’a samun labaran.

“Wannan ne babban kalubalen da aikin jarida ke fiskanta yau” a cewar Martin Baron wanda ya yi ritaya kwanan nan daga mukaminsa na baban darekta a jaridar The Washington Post yayin da ya ke wata hira da PBS News Hour, inda ya kara da cewa “babban barazana ce ga dimokiradiyya kanta”

Wannan lamarin na neman sabbin dabaru. A yanzu haka ana ganin cewa news co-op za ta taka rawar gani.


Demonstrating Impact/ Bayyana tasiri

  • Demonstrating Impact: Essential Reading/ Bayyana tasiri: Karatu na musamman
    Links to other sites and other languages
  • Demonstrating Impact: More Reading/ Bayyana tasiri: Karin karatu
    Links to other sites and other languages


Tips for Donors/ shawarwari ga masu bayar da tallafin kudi

Tips for Donors/ shawarwari ga masu bayar da tallafin kudi

Ba yau be masu tallafawa aikin jarida suka fara sha’awar labaran da su dadada wa jama’a ba. Jaridun da ke rayuwa kan tallafi kadai irinsu National Geographic da Mother Jones sun yi shekaru gommai ana karantawa. Gidauniyar farko da aka yi dan tallafawa bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida an kafa ta ne a shekarar 1969 yayin da rediyon kyauta na jama’a a Amirka kuma ya bulla a 1971. Bayan yakin cacar baki, gwamnatocin yamma da gidauniyoyi sun tura billiyoyin dala zuwa kasashen waje domin abun da suka kira “bunkada kafafen yada labarai” wanda zai samar da kafofin yada labarai masu ‘yancin kansu a kasashen da suka daina amfani da salon gurguzu da kasashe masu tasowa.

Sai dai a ‘yan shekarun da suka gabata, da yadda shafukan yanar gizo suka rika daukar labaran karya wanda ya yi sanadiyyar koma bayan da aka samu dangane da ‘yancin fadan albarkacin baki, masu bayar da tallafi sun fara mayar da hankalinsu kan kamfanonin aikin jaridan da ke da ‘yancin kan su. Wannan labari mai dadi ne domin aikin jarida na gaske musamman ma bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida na matukar bukatar taimako. Alhamdulillah kuma akwai rahotanni da dama da za su iya taimakawa wadanda ke da niyyar bayar da kudi wajen lakantar bayanan abubuwan da faruwa da fagen aikin jaridar a zahiri. Wadannan rahotanni sun duba batutuwan da suka danganci auna tasirin zuba jari a aikin jarida, aiki da kungiyoyin jarida da kuma yadda za’a zabi shirye-shiryen da suka dace.

Kuna iya fada mana idan akwai abubuwan da ku ka gs sun dace mu kara


Tallafawa kafafen yada labarai na duniya: Abin da ya kamata masu bayar da tallafi su sani dangane da bayyani, yayi da batutuwan da suka shafi fannin

Wannan rahoron na shekarar 2019 Sarah Amour-Jones da Jessica Clark masu bayar da shawara a Media Impact Funders suka rubuta. Bincikensu ya “yi amfani da bayanai daga taswirar bayanan tallafin kafafen yada labarai, sakamakon binciken manyan kungiyoyin da ke tallafawa shirye-shiryen da ke da dangantaka da kafafen yada labarai a duniya, nazarin bayanai da rahotannin da aka riga aka yi da ma shawarwarin da kwararru suka bayar dangane da abubuwa daban-daban da suka shafi tallafawa kafofin yada labarai.

Mahimman kanu sun hada da:

  • Bayanan da ake da su dangane da tallafawa kafofin yada labarai da bukatar inganta hanyoyin samun bayanai
  • Ra’ayin masu bayar da tallafi dangane da tallafawa kafafen yada labarai da inda suke da damuwa.
  • Bukatar inganta matakan tsaro tsaknin masu kafafen yada labarai da masu tallafa mu su
  • Mahimmancin hadin kan yankuna wajen fadada inganta ‘yancin yada labarai da kafafen yada labarai masu sahihanci da nagarta
  • Kalubalen da kafafen yada labarai masu ‘yancin kan su ke fiskanta a India da Afirka
  • Tsari na musamman na tallafawa aikin jarida a Turai da sauransu.

Aikin Jarida da Fagen Samun Tallafi: Sabbin samfura da kawancen tabbatar da dorewa da bunkasar fagen. Sarah Amour-Jones mai bayar da shawara a kamfanin Media Impact Funders ce ta rubuta wannan rahoton a 2019 wanda ya rubuta yadda tallafi ke cigaba da taka rawar gani wajen tallafawa aikin jarida – Musamman a aikin bincike mai zurfi na cikin gida.

Aikin jarida da hanyoyin samun tallafi ma kafafen yada labarai, wanda Media Impact Funders suka rubuta a shekarar 2018 mai suna. “Abu biyar da ya kamata ku sani da hanyoyi biyar na farawa.” ‘Yar jarida Michele McLellan ce ta rubuta tare da tallafin gidauniyar Wyncote da ke Amirka.

Abubuwan biyar da suka shawarci a sani:

  • Aikin da gidauniyoyi ke so yana fuskantar hadari
  • Wajibi ne aikin jarida ya nemi sabbin hanyoyin kulla dangantaka da al’umma
  • Salon kasuwanci mai dorewa na da mahimmanci sosai
  • Aminci a aikin jarida na fuskantar barazana
  • ‘Yancin kai da gaskiya suna da mahimmanci a aikin jarida

Hanyoyi biyar na faraway:

  • Gano dabarun samun tallafi da zuba jari
  • Tallafawa sabbin dabarun kawo rahotanni, salon kasuwanci da hulda
  • Karfafa kawance da fadada iyaka da yawan wadanda su ke samun labaran
  • Mayar da hankali wajen samun bayanan al’umma
  • Koyon karin abubuwa dangane da samun tallafi

Tasirin bincike mai zurfi: Rahoto dangane da abubuwan koyi wajen auna tasirin bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida, wanda GIJN ta fitar a shekarar 2017

Domin taimaka ma ma’aikata da masu goyon bayan aikin jaridar da ya tanadi gudanar da bincike mai zurfi, mawallafan sun yi nazarin ra’ayoyi da dama kan yadda ya kamata a auna tasirin bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida dan ganin yawan shi a zahiri. Sun rawaito cewa “salon da ake amfani da shi wajen tantance yawan ba kai tsaye ya ke kamar yadda ake iya duba yawan mutanen da suka yi amfani da wani shafin yanar gizo ba” sa’annan kuma “tsarin binciken da zai duba ainihin yadda za’a iya auna tasirin bincike mai zurfi bai riga ya nuna ba.”

Ya ce:

Binciken da muka yi ya nuna mana cewa tabbas ana iya auna tasirin bincike mai zurfi kuma albarkacin ya wuce farashin da za’a kashe. Hakika, sau da yawa tasirin shi na da ban mamaki: Falasa masu cin zarafi, shawo kan cin hanci da rashawa, tabbatar da gaskiya, inganta mahimmacin alhakin da ya rataya a kan jama’a da shugabanni da karfafa dimokoradiyya, a ambaci kadan daga cikin gudunmawa masu mahimmancin da ya ke bayarwa – musamman a dimokiradiyya mai tasowa da kasashe masu tattalin arzikin da yanzu su ke bunkasa.

Gabatarwa ga shirin tallafawa aikin jarida da kafofin yada labarai: A shekarar 2018 aka wallafa. Kungiyar Ariadne tare da hadin gwiwar shirin gaskiya da rikon amana suka wallafa a yayin da Sameer Padania ya rubuta. “burin shirin shi ne taimakawa masu zuba jari wajen fadada fahimtarsu dangane da mahimman batutuwa, mahawarori da dabarun bayar da tallafi ga aikin jarida da kafafen yada labarai.

Tallafawa aikin jarida, gano sabbin dabaru: Labaran nasarori da ra’ayoyi na tabbatar da kawance mai dorewa Wannan rahoton na 2018 wanda cibiyar Shorenstein kan kafafen yada labarai, siyasa, da manufofin jama’a a Jami’ar Harvard ta wallafa ya kwatanta misalai ne na irin hadin gwiwar da ke tsakanin masu bayar da kudi da kungiyoyin kafafen yada labarai da ke Amurka.

Masu bayar da tallafin tabbatar da tasirin kafofin yada labarai hadaka ce da ke samun goyon bayan mambobi wadanda ke yunkurin inganta al’umma ta yin amfani da kafafen yada labarai da fasaha. Shafinsu na dauke da cikakken bayani dangane da tushen taswirar tallafawa kafafen yada labarai da ke nuna duk kafafen da ake tallafawa a duk fadin duniya. Akwaibidiyon da ke kwatanta yada za’a iya amfani da hanyoyin bincike masu sarkakiya. Kundin bayanan ya fara ne daga 2009 kuma a kan kara sabbin bayanai a-kai a-kai kuma ana iya samun bayanai har zuwa 2015 da farkon 2018. Masu bayar da kudi na Media Impact sun fitar da rahotanni daban-daban tare da abubuwa biyar da ya kamata a sanin da aka kwatanta daga farko. Rahotannin farko sun hada da:

Ra’ayoyin masu bayar da kudi: Nazarin zuba jari a kafafen yada labarai – Wannan rahoton ya bayyana tushen hanyoyi daban-daban na yin nazarin yadda shirye-shiryen kafafen yada labarai suka yi tasiri kan jama’a

Nazarin tarihin shirye-shiryen labaran da ba ruwan da riba da wadanda ke tallafa musu – wannan shawarwari ne na masu bayar da tallafi da kungiyoyin labaran da ba ruwansu da riba, wadanda ke neman hanyoyin bunkasa dabarun nazarin ayyukan kafafen yada labarai

Bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida: zai ninka jarin da aka zuba: Bayanin da James Breiner wani mai bayar da shawara kan kafafen yada labarai ya rubuta a 2019

Bincike mai zurfi na aikin jarida a duniya baki daya: Dabarun tallafawa, wani rahoton da aka rubuta a 2013 ma Cibiyar Kasa da Kasa ta Taimakwa Kafafen Yada Labarai lokacin taron Asusun Kyauta na Kasa ga Dimokiradiyya, inda babban darektan GIJN David Kaplan ya duba hanyoyin da za su fi dacewa wajen tallafawa bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida na kwararru a kasashe masu tasowa da wadanda ke fuskantar sauyi. Wannan ya kunshi tarihin yadda aka fara rahotannin batutuwan da aka yi wa bincike mai zurfi da ma yadda ya yadu a duniya baki daya tare da shawarwari ga hadakar kuniyoyin da ba ruwansu da riba, cibiyoyin rahotanni da na horo

Dabarun hulda da kafafen yada labarai na Dot Connector Studio kan taimaka wa kamfanoni da masu bayar da tallafi su tattauna su samar da dabaru sa’annan su yi nazaribn tasiri. “Zai iya taimakawa wajen nazarin bururruka domin auna alfanunsu da kuma bayyana irin dangantakar da mutun ke so ya kulla da wadanda ke amfani da kafar yada labaran,” a cewar bayanain. Dot Connector Studio kungiya ce mai taimakawa kafafen yada labarai da dabaru. ‘Yar jarida Jessica Clark ta kirkiro kamfanin a 2013. Clark tana kuma bincike a Open Doc Lab da ke cibiyar fasahar da ke jihar Massachusetts.

Gidauniyar Dimokiradiyya ya samar da wata taswirar tsare-tsare dan taimakawa masu bayar da kudi da kungiyoyi wajen fahimtar abubuwan da ke taka rawa wajen labaran cikin gida da shigan jama’a siyasa domin a dama da su, da gano wuraren da ke bukatar taimako.

Hira da Maria Teresa Ronderos, darektan shirin aikin jarida mai zaman kanshi a gidauniyar Open Soceity. A wannan hirar da aka yi a 2018 tace OSF na karkata ga amfani da “tsarun da zai tabbatar cewa kudaden tallafin da za’a bayar sun goyi bayan sabbin dabaru musamman wadanda za’a iya kwaikwaya a yi amfani da su a duk kasashen duniya.” Ta kuma kara da cewa akwai sha’awar irin wadannan tsare-tsaren wadanda “ke ganin kansu a matsayin wadanda ke jagorantar al’ummar mutanen da suke da bayanai da illimi dangane da batutuwa daban-daban.

Raba bayanai da jama’a ta halatattun hanyoyi – Shawarwari kan hanyoyin tattaunawa don masu bayar da tallafi, rahoto ne dangane da binciken da aka wallafa a 2018 wanda kamfanin Ariadne ya gudanar, wanda ya sami tallafin 360 tsakanin watannin Maris da Oktoba


This story was originally written by Media Defence/GIJN and published by the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

Kariya a fanin Shari’a da Agajin gaggawa (Legal Defense and Emergency Aid)

Kariya a fanin Shari’a da Agajin gaggawa (Legal Defense and Emergency Aid)

(Legal Defense and Emergency Aid) Kariya a fanin Shari’a da Agajin gaggawa

Wane ne ke kare hakkin ‘yan jarida? Wane ne zai taimaka musu sadda matsaloli suka taso? A nan za ku sami shawarwari daga kungiyoyin da suka riga suka goge wajen taimakwa ‘yan jarida da lauyoyi da shawara a fanin shari’a da kuma kungiyoyin da ke bayar da agajin gaggawa ga ‘yan jarida a lokacin da rayuwarsu ke cikin hatsari

Legal Defense/ Kariya a fannin shari’a
Duk fadin duniya, dokokin da suka shafi ‘yancin ‘yan jarida na fadan albarkacin baki da samun bayanai, kullun cikin sauyawa suke – kuma samun rauni a jiki ko a fanin kudi su ne mafi yawa a cikin matsalolin da ‘yan jaridar su ka saba fuskanta. Dan haka sanin cewa akwai kungiyoyin da suka amince su kare wadannan dokokin wadanda yankuna, da kasashe, da al’ummar kasa da kasa suka girka ba karamin ni’ima zai bai wa ‘yan jarida ba. To sai dai kungiyoyin agajin shari’ar su na da iyaka, domin wata sa’a aikin su zai halatta ne a yanki guda ko kuma wani fanni na shari’a. Ga dai wasu daga cikin kungiyoyin da su ka riga suka kafu, wadanda kuma sun kware wajen bai wa ‘yan jarida shawara, tare da wadansu shawarwarin da ka iya taimakawa:


Media Defense Shirin Kare Dokoin Kafafen Yada Labarai MLDI (Na kasa da kasa)
Wannan kungiyar ta kasa da kasa wadda ba ruwanta da gwamnati tana taimakwa wajen kare ‘yancin ‘yan jarida a kowace nahiya kuma a kowace kafa ta yada labarai – kama daga jaridu zuwa talbijin da rediyo har zuwa yanar gizo-gizo. Kungiyar wacce mazauninta ke Landan na aiki da wasu kungiyon kare dokokin ‘yan jaridar da ke kasashen duniya da ma lauyoyi masu zaman kansu. Sa’annan idan ya kama za su biya duk wani kudin da ake bukata wajen shari’ar. MLDI ta fi ba da fifiko ga ‘yan jarida masu zaman kansu, wadanda ke fuskantar barazanar zaman kurkuku ko rashin dukiya da ma durkushewar kafar yada labaran. Haka nan kuma ‘yan jarida suna samun taimako a duk sadda suke bukatar jaddada ‘yancin su. A shekarar 2019 MLDI ta kaddamar da shirin kariya ta shari’a mai tallafawa masu binciken gaskiya.

Free Press Unlimited Legal Defense Fund /Asusun kare ‘yancin ‘yan jarida kyauta – tallafin kudi wa ‘yan jarida da kafofin yada labarai a duk fadin duniya. “Mu na bai wa ‘yan jaridan da ke fuskantar tuhuma ko hukuncin dauri, wadanda ba su da halin daukar lauya ko kuma biyan kudaden da ake bukata.” Domin karin bayani ana iya tuntubarmu ta e-mail da adireshin [email protected] ko kuma ta ya waya a ofishinmu Free Press Unlimited Office da lambar: +31208000400

Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression (Americas) / Ofishin Wakili na Musamman kan ‘Yancin Fadan Albarkacin baki
(na kasashen yankin kudancin Amirka)

Wakilin na musamman na aiki ne a matsayin mai bincike. Aikin shi ya tanadi gudanar da bincike kan rubutattun kararraki da korafe-korafen da ‘yan jarida suka turo, sa’annan sai ya rubuta rahoto ya tura wa Hukumar hadakar kasashen nahiyar Afirka kan hakkin dan adam (IACHR) dangane da take hakkokin ‘yan jarida. Daya daga cikin mahimman ayyukan wakilin shi ne bai wa IACHR shawara kan kararrakin da aka rubuto ya kuma shirya rahoto dangane da su. Bisa wadannan shawarwari ne IACHR za ta shigar da kararrakin da korafe-korafe a gaban kotun hadin kan kasashen Amirka kan hakkin dan adam. Duk da cewa wakilin ba ya baiwa ‘yan jarida da kafofin yada labarai shawara ko tallafin kudi, a kyauta ya ke tantance kararrakin da ‘yan jaridar suka rubuta.

Pers Vrij Heids Fonds (Netherlands)

Kungiyar ‘yan jarida masu amfani da harshen Dutch tare da hadin kan al’ummar editocin Netherlands suka girka Gidauniyar Asusun ‘yancin ‘yan jarida a shekara ta 2007 domin su tallafa wajen kare hakkin ‘yan jarida na fadan albarkacin baki da ‘yancin samun bayanai. Duk da cewa matsugunin Asusun na Amsterdam ne kuma ya fi bayar da fifiko ga al’ummar kafofin yada labaran Dutch, Asusun ya tallafawa ‘yan jarida da dama a wasu kasashen Turai.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (US)/Kwamitin manema labarai kan ‘yancin walwalar ‘yan jarida (Amurka)

Baya ga layin waya na gaggawar da ta samar musamman saboda ‘yan jarida (Har da dalibai) da ma’aikata a fanin shari’a, wannan kungiyar mai zaman kanta da ke da shelkwatarta a birnin Washington D.C. na bayar da shawarwari kan wuraren samun taimako da kuma bayani kan hukunce-hukuncen kotu da ma sauran labaran da ke da dangantaka da dokokin yada labarai. RCFP ta kan buga littafin dokar da ta shafi ‘yancin fadar albarkacin bakin ‘yan jarida a Amirka wanda aka fi sani da First Amendment a turance. Littafin ya fayyace mahimman batutuwan da suka shafi ‘yancin d ‘yan jarida na tara bayanai da yada labarai da kuma Rigar Kariya ko Gatar ‘Yan jarida/ The Reporter’s Privilege, cikakken bayani dangane da ire-iren kariyar da dan jarida ke shi – misali ba za’a iya tilasta wad an jarida ya bayyana majiyoyin bayanan shi a kotu ba – a kotunan jihohi da na tarayya. Domin samun bayanan jama’a daga gwamnatin tarayya ko ta jiha ko ta karamar hukuma, ana iya amfani da manhajar Kwamitin Masu Dauka labarai mai suna iFOIA wanda ake samu a yanar gizo. Akwai kuma shafin FOIA Wiki wanda ke kwatanta dokar ‘yancin samun bayanai na FOIA da hukunce-hukuncen kotu dangane da kararrakin da suka shafi ‘yancin samun bayanai.

The open government guide/ Budaddiyar taswirar gwamnati ta kwatanta duk bayanan da jihohi suke da shi a bude, da ma dokokin tarukan da ake yi a bayyane. Akwai kuma shurun sanya ido kan sadarwa: abin da ya dace ‘yan jarida da gidajen yada labarai su sani.

Society of Professional Journalists Legal Defense Fund (US)/ Asusun kare doka/shari’a ta al’ummar kwararrun ‘yan jarida (Amurka)

Makasudin samar da wannan asusun shari’ar shi ne “kadamarwa da kuma tallafawa shari’ar da za ta tilasta gwamnati ta bai wa jama’a damar samun bayananta da aikace-aikacen da ta ke gudanarwa” amma kuma ana iya amfani da shi wajen shiryawa, sanarwa da ma jan hankalin jama’a domin a taru a tabbatar da samun bayanan gwamnati da ayyukanta. Duk da cewa babban burin asusun shi ne samar da kudaden da za’a taimakawa ‘yan jarida, ofishin na iya taimakwa wajen zaban lauyan da ya lakanci dokokin fadan albarkacin baki na “First Amendment” a duka jihohi 50 na kasar.

Other Resources/ Karin Bayanai
Defence Handbook for Journalista and Bloggers/ Littafin tsaro na ‘yan jarida da masu rubutu a taskokin blog – Kungiyoyi da dama suka ada wannan littafin mai shafuka kusan 300. Daga cikinsu akwai Reporters Without Borders ko kuma ‘yan jarida marasa iyaka, gidauniyar Thomas Reuters da wani kamfanin lauyoyi na kasa da kasa mai suna Paul Hastings LLP. Sassan littafin sun hada da Martaba da batanci, Dama na sirri, tsari na jama’a da halin kirki, tsaron kasa da sirrin kasa.

Shawara: Kare kai daga barazanar doka, daga Kyu Ho Youm.

UNESCO Guidelines for Prosecutors/ Shawarwarin UNESCO ga masu shigar da kara: Wannan rahoton ya bayyana shawarwari daki-daki wa masu shigar da kara na yadda za su tafiyar da shari’o’in miyagun laifukan da aka yi wa ‘yan jarida a harsuna takwas, wadanda suka hada da: Turanci, Portuganci, Rashanci, Larabci, harshen Indonesiya da na China.

Emergency Aid for Journalists/ Agajin Gaggawa ma ‘Yan Jarida

Abokan aikinmu da ke fuskantar barazana a duniya. Tun shekarar 1992, an kashe dubban ‘yan jarida sannan wasu dubban kuma sun fiskanci farmaki, tsoratarwa da hukuncin dauri, da fitina.
Akwia kungiyoyi da dama da ke bayar da agajin gaggawa duk sadda dan jarida ke fiskantar hatsari. Irin taimakon da suke bayarwa sun hada da magunguna, da daukar nauyin shari’a da ma fitar da ‘yan jarida daga kasashen da suke fuskantar hadari- Idan har akwai wanda ke fuskantar hadari, kada ya yi sake wajen tambayar taimako – akwai taimako.

The Committee to Protect Journalists/ Kwamitin Kare ‘Yan Jarida CPJ
CPJ wanda ke da mazaunin shi a birnin New York ya na gudanar da wani shirin da ke taimakawa ‘yan jarida a fannonin shri’a, kiwon lafiya da ma sauyawa ‘yan jaridan da ke fuskantar hadari wuraren zama. Yana kuma tallafawa iyalan ‘yan jaridan da aka yi wa kisar gilla ko kuma suka sami hukuncin dauri a kurkuku.

Reporters Without Borders/ ‘Yan jarida marasa iyaka ko kuma Reporters Without Borders

Wannan kungiya wadda aka fi saninta da sunanta na faransanci wato Reporters Sans Frontiéres na da mazauninta a birnin Paris. RSF tana bayar da tallafin kudi ga ‘yan jarida da gidajen labarai ta yadda za su iya kare kansu da iyalan wadanda aka daure a kurkuku. A shafin da ake kira Assistance Desk. Ana iya samun karin bayani kan kudaden insora na ‘yan jarida masu zaman kansu.

Free Press Unlimited/ Walwalar aikin jarida ba
Wannan kungiyar mai zaman kanta, wadda ke tabbatar da ci-gaban kafofin yada labarai mallakar kasar Holland ce, kuma tana da abin da ta kira Reporters Respond, wato asusu gaggawa na kasa da kasa wanda ke taimakawa ‘yan jarida da kafofin watsa labarai ta kai tsaye. Wannan kungiya tana amsa bukatun da ‘yan jarida suka tura mata cikin sa’o’i 24. Ana iya tura sakon E-mail zuwa [email protected] ko kuma a kira +31208000400.

International Women’s Media Foundation/ Gidauniyar kasa da kasa ta mata masu aikin jarida IWMF

IWMF tana bayar da tallafi a fanin kiwon lafiya, da kudin sauya matsugunni da kuma taimako a fanin shari’a wa “mata masu aikin jarida ko da kafofin yada labarai ko kuma masu zaman kansu a fanin rediyo, talbijin, jarida da yanar gizo. Kungiyar ba ta daukan korifi daga wandada ke aiki a kungiyoyin da ba aikin jarida suke yi ba.

Lifeline Fund/Asusun Lifeline

Asusun Lifeline yana tallafawa kungiyoyin fararen hulan da suke fuskantar barazana ko hare-hare, da ma kungiyoyin ‘yan jarida. Tare da goyon bayan gwamnatoci da gidauniyoyi 17, Lifeline na bayar da tallafi na gaggawa na gajeren lokaci irin wanda za’a iya amfani da shi wajen zuwa asibiti, samun lauyoyi, sanya ido a kan shari’a, samun wurin zaman a wani gajereen lokaci, tsaro da kuma sayen kayayyakin aiki. Lifeline na la’akari da duk aiyukan da wanda abin ya shafa ya yi a baya, aiyukan da suka danganci kare hakkin bil adama da wanzuwar dimokiradiyya.

Media Defense/ Tsaro na kafafen yada labarai:

Wannan kungiyar na birnin Landan kuma tana taimakawa ‘yan jarida ma’aikatan kafofin yada labarai da masu zaman kansa, da ‘yan kasa masu aikin jarida dan kansu wadanda ke fuskantar barazanar zuwa kotu. Kungiyar na kuma baiwa kafofin yada labarai kudaden da za su taimaka su wajen zuwa kotu da ma sauran aiyukan da za su tabbatar da ‘yancin walwalar kafafen yada labarai.

Rory Peck Fund/ Gidauniyar Rory Peck: mai mazauni a Landan, gidauniyar Rory Peck na tallafawa manema labarai masu zaman kansu da iyalansu a duk fadin duniya a karkashin shirinta na tallafawa manema labarai masu zaman kansu.

Rest and Refuge Fellowships: Akwai tallafi dan hutu da mafaka wa ‘yan jaridan da ke fuskantar matsaloli a kasashen da ke fama da ukubar yaki da sauran rigingimu. Shirin wanda ke samun goyon bayan RSF da Gidauniyar Taz Panter na bayar da kudaden tafiya da hutu na akalla watanni uku a birnin Berlin.

Cibiyar tabbatar da walwalar ‘yan jarida da kafofin yada labarai na Turai ta kaddamar da abin da ta kira “alarm centre” ko kuma cibiyar kararraurawa dan mata ma’aikata a kafafofin yada labarai inda za su iya kai karar duk wani harin da aka kai musu dan samun shawara da taimako.

Ko kuna da shawarwari? Turo mana sako ta hanyar email za mu sanya da sauran.

Contacts and Networking/ Hanyoyin tuntuba da sadarwa

Investigative Journalism Organizations/ Kungiyoyin Aikin jarida na bincike

Ga kungiyi masu zaman kansu da wasu wadanda ba ruwansu da gwamnati a duniya baki daya, wadanda ke goyon bayan irin aikin jaridan da ya mayar da hankali kan bincike mai zurfi. An jera sunayen kungiyoyin daga kowane yanki. Kungiyoyi iri-iri ne wadanda suka hada da dakunan labaran da ke aiki kyauta, masu wallafa jaridu a yanar gizo, kungiyoyin kwararru, kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu, cibiyoyin koyarwa da na nazari a kusan kasashe 50. Domin tabbatar da cewa an sa kungiyoyi daga kowane bangare, GIJN ta yi amfani da wadannan sharuddan: An tsara kungiyar a matsayin wadda ba ta karban kudi, ba ruwanta da gwamnati kuma ayyukan ta na cigaban al’umma ne. Haka nan kuma, burinta ya kunshi tallafawa bincike a aikin jarida da kafofin yada labarai, tana bayar da mahimmanci ko kuma ta bayar da kai ga rahotanin shirye-shirye masu zurfi da bayanai na zahiri. Idan akwai da ku ke ganin sun dace a sanya da baku gani ba ku rubuto mana a [email protected]

Finding Expert Sources/ Samun kwararrun majiyoyi

Kuna neman majiyoyi? Samun kwararru a wani fanni na musamman yawanci da shi ne ake fara labari. GIJN ta gudanar da bincike kan shawarwari da dama dangane da kwararrun majiyoyi. Bayan da aka cire wadanda aka daina yayinsu, da wadanda suke tattare sarkakiya da ma wadanda na talla ne kadai, mun samu kadan wadanda za’a iya amfani da su. Daga kasa za ku ga shidda daga cikin kundin bayanan da ke aiki wanda yawancin ‘yan jarida ke amfani da su wajen samun kwarraru.
Kuna kuma iya zuwa shafin cibiyar bayanan mata ma’aikatan jarida wato Women in Journalism Resource centre.


Kwalejin Ci gaban Kimiyya na Amirka ne ke daukan nauyin wannan kuma “tsari ne mai zaman kanshi wanda ke hada ‘yan jarida da kwarraru kyauta kuma a kan lokaci, da ma sauran masu sadarwa a kafofin jarda, rediyo da talbijin da ma labarai na dijital dangane da batutuwan da suka shafi kimiya.” Wajibi ne a tura sako dangane da abin da ka ke bukata, wa’adin da ka ke da shi da fannin kwarewar da ka ke bukata

Dandalin Ku Nemi Kwararriya a Fanin Kimiyya, dandali ne da mata masana kimiyya 500 ke daukar nauyin shi. “yana sada mata masana kimiyyan da aka tantance wadanda kuma suke da kwarewa mai zurfi a fannoni daban-daban na kimiyyar da duk wanda ke bukatar tattaunawa da masana kimiyya a labarin shi, ko ya gayyaci babban mai magana a taro ko mahawara ko koyarwa ko kuma taron karawa juna sani. Ana iya samun macen da za ta hada gwiwa da ku a wani shiri ko kuma dai kawai ta kasance kwararriya a kowane irin fanni ake bukata.

Diverse Sources/ Majiyoyi daban-daban – Wannan kundin bayanai na kwararru a fannonin kimiyya, kiwon lafiya da muhalli, wadanda bas u yi suna sosai na

Expertise Finder/ Manhajan gano gwani – wani tsohon dan jarida kuma kwararren injiniya a fannin sarrafa “software” ya kirkiro wannan manhajan da zai iya gano kwararru n da ke kusa da unguwar ku. Manhajjan zai fitar da sunayen wadanda aka riga aka tantance a matsayin majiyoyi a jami’o’in da ke kasashen Amirka da Canada da ma cibiyoyin nazari masu daraja. Shafukan sun bayyana sunayen majiyoyin da fannonin da suka kware, sun bayar da takaitaccen bayani dangane da su, sun kuma bayar da lambobinsu ta yadda za’a iya tuntubar su. Duk wannan kyauta ne kuma kamfanin na samun kudaden shigan shi daga makarantu ne, wato Jami’o’i da kwalejoji, ta hanyar shirya takardun da suka kunshi sunayen kwararru a fannoni daban-daban.

Shesource: Wannan shiri ne wata kungiyar mata mai zaman kanta ne mai suna Women’s Media Centre ko kuma cibiyar ‘yan jarida mata. Shirin ya kunshi bayanan mata kwararru 1,100 wadanda aka tantance a fannoni daban-daban dangane da batutuwa iri-iri a duk fadin duniya. Ana iya amfani da sunayensu ko kalma guda a fannin kwarewar da ake bukatar taimako. Akwai kuma takaitaccen tarihin su da hotuna. Za’a iya tuntubar su kai tsaye bayan an cika wasu takarkadu a shafin.

Women Plus: Wannan kungiyar ma ta mata ce. Ya kunshi mata sama da 750 wadanda suka zabi kansu a fannin fasaha ko kuma abin da suka kira “tech experts” kwararru a fannin fasaha. Sunayen na shirye daki-daki a fannonin da ake bukata.

Expertfile: Wannan ya kunshi kwararru a batutuwa fiye da 25,000, kuma yana samun taimako wajen rarrabawa daga hadakar da ya kulla da kamfanin dillanci labarai na Associated Press.

The China – Africa Project/ Shirin Hadin Gwiwa na China da Afirka – Yana dauke da sunayen kwararrun da suka iya sharhi kan kowane bangare na dangantakar da ke tsakanin China da Afirka

ProfNet – yana karkashin jagorancin kamfanin PR Newswire kuma kyauta ne ga duk dan jaridan da ya yi rajista.

Finding Experts using the Internet 2018/ Samun kwararru ta hanyar amfani da yanar gizo 2018 – Babban kundi na kwararru wanda Marcus P Zillman ya hada wa LLRX wato bayanai na shari’a da fasaha wa kwararru a fanin shari’a. A shekarar 1996 Edita kuma mawallafiya Sabrina I. Pacifici ta girka kamfanin da ake kira

The Conversation Research and Expert Database/ Bincike da kundin bayanan kwararru na dandalin tattaunawar The Conversation Shafin ya wallafa sunayen marubutan da suka taba rubutu a shafin The Conversation, wadda “kafa ce mai zaman kanta ta wallafa labarai da ra’ayoyi daga al’ummar manazarta da masu bincike, kai tsaye zuwa ga al’umma.”

Help a Reporter Out/ Taimaki dan jarida (HARO) mallakar kamfanin Cision ne wanda kamfanin bayanan sirrin kafofin yada labarai ne da ke da mazaunin shi a birnin Chicago a Amirka. Wannan tallafi kyauta ne wa duk wanda ya yi rajista kuma yana bai wa kwararrun manema labaran da ba su yi rajista ba damar aikar da korafi a rubuce, wanda ke bayyana labarinsu a takaice, abin da suke bukata da wa’adin shi. Editocin HARO za su tantance korafin su turawa majiyoyi ko wakilansu da ke aiki da su. Wadanda ke sha’awa sai su bayyana wa dan jaridan da ya rubuto korafin, wanda kuma zai iya sakaya sunansa. A cewar kamfanin, ‘yan jarida 55,000 da majiyoyi 800,000 suka yi rajista da su. Dukkansu kuma na da adireshin email.

Manhajojin Google Scholar da Microsoft Academic kundin bayanai ne da ke baiwa masu bincike cikakken jerin kasidun da manazarta ko kwarru a fanin illimi suka wallafa, wadanda za’a iya ganowa a shafin batun da suka tabo. Za’a iya amfani da kwanan wata da adadin mutanen da suka yi amfani da rubutun domin gano irin kwararrun da suka dace da abin da dan jaridan ke bukata. Wasu daga cikin shafukan kwararrun sun bayyana takaitaccen tarihinsu da kasidun da suka wallafa, wadanda ke alaka da su, fannonin nazarin, wadanda suka yi rubutun da su da adireshin shafin yanar-gizon su. Kadan daga cikin ayyukansu ana iya samu ta PDF ko kuma kai tsaye daga adireshinsu na yanar gizo. Duk wanda ya yi rajista da Google scholar zai iya samun email alert wadda hanya ce da ke sanar da duk sadda aka sami sabon kasida a fanin da suke sha’awa ta email.

Shoeleather, kundin bayanan Amirka ne da aka fara a 2018 don gano marubutan da ba suwa zama a biranen da ke da manyan kafofin yada labarai kamar New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.; da San Francisco, amma kuma a yankunan da suka fizo suna da kwarewa sosai kuma a shirye suke su bayar da nasu labaran.

Wani bayani mai kyaun gaske na yadda za’a iya samun majiyoyi a yi amfani da su yadda ya kamata sannan a kare su ya na babi na shidda a littafin bincike a aikin jarida ko kuma The Investigative Journalism Manual a turance, wanda shiri ne da aka yi a 2010 a karkashin shirye-shiryen kafofin yada labarai na duniya a karkashin ayyukan gidauniyar Konrad Adenauer.

Kuna da wanda kuke so ku kara? Rubuto mana a GIJN
Working with Whistleblowers/ Aiki da masu fallasa bayanan sirri

Whistleblowers ko kuma masu fallasa bayanan sirri – ma’aikata wadanda ke fallasa haramtattun ayyuka da karbar cin hanci da rashawa – suna da mahimmanci wajen samo irin bayanan da ‘yan jarida ke bukata. Daga inda suke aiki cikin gwamnatoci, kamfanoni da sauran kungiyoyi za su iya bayar da hujjoji da irin alamun da ake bukata domin fallasa abubuwa, kama daga zamba da almubazaranci har zuwa miyagun aiyuka, makirci da miyagun laifukan yaki.

Sai dai ya na da mahimmanci ‘yan jarida su tantance manufar masu fallasar domin su iya tantance bayanan da su ke bayarwa. Haka nan kuma yana da mahimmanci a san yadda za’a kare su a matsayin majiyoyin labarin.
An yi sa’a akwai bayanai da dama kan fallasa, har da karuwar da aka samu a yawan kungiyoyi masu zaman kansun da ke da kwarewa ta wannan fanin a kasashen duniya.

Domin taimakwa ‘yan jarida su bi diddigin irin wadannan labaran a yanayi mai kalubalen gaske, GIJN ta kirkiro kundin da ya jera irin wadannan wurare na samun taimako. Idan har akwai wanda kuke ganin ba mu sa ba, rubuto mana ta adireshinmu [email protected].

Fallasa shi ne idan na miji ko na mace wanda, saboda imanin da ya/ta yi da kare darajar al’umma, ya/ta yi watsi da bukatun kamfanin da ya/ta ke aiki dan ya/ta fito fil ta tona duk wani abun da kamfanin ya ke yi da ya shafi karbar cin hanci da rashawa, haramtacce, zamba, ko kuma yana iya raunata jama’a.
– Ralph Nader, Mai bayar da shawara da kuma fafutukar kare hakkin jama’a.

Guidance from Experts/Shawarwari daga kwararru

Idan har masu fallasa sun amince su bayar da bayanai, wajibi ne su sami kulawa ta musamman.
GIJN ta takaita wadansu mahimman sharudda na aiki da masu fallasa daga majiyoyi iri-iri. Rahoton na kunshe da cikakken bayani kuma ya dace a karanta.

The Perugia Principles for Journalists/ Ka’idoji ma ‘yan jarida na Perugia, wanda aka yi wa taken “Aiki da Masu Fallasa a zamanin Dijital.” A shekarar 2019 aka fara wallafawa, Julie Posetti, Dr. Suelette Dreyfus da Naomi Colvin suka rubuta. Marubutan sun kirkiro ka’dojin na Perugia lokacin wata tattaunawa ta musamman tare da tallafin wasu ‘yan jaria na kasa da kasa da kwararru 20. Kungiyar Blueprint for Free Speech, wadda ke fafutukar kare hakkin ‘yan jarida na fadan albarkacin baki da ke birnin Perugia a Italy ce ta dauki nauyin tattaunawar a watan Afrilun 2018. Bayan nan ne marubutan suka sake ganawa da kwararru a fannin bincike a aikin jarida, lauyoyi da masan illimi domin kwaskware ka’idoji 12 da suka gindaya.

a. Da farko, a kare majiyoyi. Kada a bayyana sunayensu sadda aka tambaya.
b. Sadda za ku sada a karon farko, idan zai yiwu, ku tabbatar cewa hanyoyin yin hakan nagartattu ne kuma za sub a su kariya.
c. Ku yi la’akari da hadarin da mai fallasa zai iya fuskanta, dan haka ku sa su su yi tunanin gaba da yadda za su tafiyar da rayuwarsu bayan labarin ya fita.
d. Ku tantance bayanin kuna bayar da fifiko kan darajar da bayanin ke da shi ga ci-gabar al’umma ba ra’ayinka ba ko kuma halayya ko ra’ayin mai fallasar ba.
e. Ku dauki nauyin kare kan ku a duniyar yanar gizo ku yi amfani da lambobi masu sarkakiya wadanda ake kira “encryption” a turance. Duk da cewa ba lallai ne encryption ya kare majiyoyinku ba, ya na bayar da kariya a matakin farko.
f. Ku tantance abubuwan da za su kasance barazana mafi hadari gare ku da majiyoyinku, da kuma irin matakan da ya kamata ku dauka dan kare juna.
g. Ku bayyana wa majiyarku irin hadarin da ke tattare da bayyana abu a yanar gizo. Idan labarai masu sarkakiya ne ku koya wa majiyoyinku mahimman matakan kare kai a yanar gizo.
h. Ku wallafa duka bayanan da kuka samu na ainihi idan da hali kuma babu wani hadari, yin hakan na da mahimmanci ga labarai.
i. Ku yi amfani da amintattun hanyoyi wajen goge bayanan da amsu fallasar suka bayar, idan har an tambaya, domin ku sakaye sunayen mahiyoyin, abin da ya zo daidai da matakan da’a da doka da nauyin da ya rataya a kan mai aiki.
j. Ku tabbata duk hanyoyin musayar bayanan da aka yi amfani da su a yanar gizo, irin su drop box suna da kariya mai inganci, sa’annan wa bayanan da ke dauke da sirri a tabbatar an sakaya sunayensu.
k. Ku fahimci kadar, yankin da dokokin kasa da kasa na kare majiyoyin da suka bayar da bayani a boye ko kuma suka yi fallasa.
l. Ku baiwa masu wallafa jaridu karfin gwiwar aiwatar da nauyin da ya rataya a wuyarsu na tabbatar da tsaro ga bayanan ‘yan jarida, majiyoyi da bayanan da aka boye tare da irin horaswar da ta dace da kuma manufofin da za su jagoranci ‘yan jaridar.
Rahoton ya fadada wadannan ka’idojin. An kuma wallafi a harsunan Rashanci, Girkanci, Spanianci da Jamusanci.

10 tips for Journalists working with Whistleblowers/ Shawarwar 10 ma ‘yan jaridan da ke aiki da masu fallasa. Wannan labarin da Rowan Philp ya rubuta a 2019 ya takaita mahimman sakonnin masu gabatarwa a babban taron GIJC, wanda aka yi a 2019 a birnin Hamburg na kasar Jamus.

Working with Whistleblowers: A Guide for Journalists/ Aiki da masu fallasa: Shwarwari ga ‘yan jarida – Kungiyoyin Amurka biyu ne suka buga wannan littafin: Shirin sanya ido a kan gwamnati (GAP) daya daga cikin manyan kungiyoyin fallasa masu zaman kansu, da Al’ummar ‘Yan jarida Kwararru (society of Professional Journalists). A 2017 aka wallafa. “muna fatan taimakawa ‘yan jarida su kare masu fallasa a maimakon kyale su, su fuskanci ramuwar gayya,” a cewar gabatarwar takardar mai shafuka 36. Ya kuma kara da wadannan shawarwarin:

• Domin hadarin afkuwar ramuwar gayya a kan masu fallasar yana da yawa kuma dokokin na da sarkakiya, ‘yan jarida da majiyoyi za su sami tallafi sosai idan suka hada gwiwa da GAP da sauran lauyoyin da suka lakanci dokokin fallasa kafin su yi amfani da bayanan da suka samu daga majiyoyi.
• Ka da ‘yan jarida su sanya kan su a cikin labari; Kai ba mai bayar da shawara ne ko dabaru, kuma kai ba lauya ba ne. Amma ta sa yardar ka da nuna fahimtar cewa akwai matakai na musamman wajen tinkarar labaran da ke da alaka da majiyoyi na fallasa, ka na iya taimakwa a sami rahotanni masu bayanan da ke da darajan gaske ga al’umma, yayin da ake daukan matakan da za su kare majiyarka.
• Idan wani ma’aikaci ya tinkare ka da bayanai dangane da kura-kurai masu tsananin gaske, ko da batun ya danganci tauya hakkin dana dam, barazana ga muhakki ko kuma hadari ga tsaron kasa, ‘yan jarida su yi hankali wajen tattaunawa da ma’aikacin domin su tabbatar da cewa mutumin ya yi la’akari da duk zabubbukan da yake da shi dangane da hanyar da ta fi dacewa ya kai bayanan da ya ke so ya bayar.

The Whistleblower Project/ Shirin Masu Fallasa na al’ummar kwararrun ‘yan jarida a Amurka na da rubuce-rubuce sosai kan wannan batu, har ma da tattaunawar da aka yi kan bukatar a tabbatar da tsaro a duk sadarwar da ta shafi irin wadannan bayanan.

Covering Whistleblowers: 6 Tips for Journalists/ Yin labarai kan masu fallasa: shawarwari 6 wa ‘yan jarida – Wannan kasidar da Denise-marie Ordway ta rubuta a 2019 na daga cikin jerin abubuwan da ke tallafawa ‘yan jarida. Shawarwari shiddan da ke kasidar su ne:
a. Kafin ku bayyana sunan wanda ya yi fallasa, ku duba ku gani ko bayanan da ya bayar ya fi irin hadarin da shi da ma wasu za su fuskanta a sakamakon labarin mahimmanci.
b. Kada ku mayar da hankali a dalilin da ya sa mai fallasar ya bayar da bayanan
c. Ku fahimci banbancin da ke tsakanin masu fallasa da wadanda suka fitar da bayanai da gangar.
d. Ku tabbatar kun sami kyakyawar dabara ta sadarwa
e. Ku nemi karin illimi kan dokokin da suka danganci kare masu fallasa musamman yadda suka shafi wanda ya kawo muku bayanan.
f. Ku tabbata kun san irin wuraren da za ku sami taimako wajen fahimtar batutuwan da suka shafi masu fallasa.

The Art of Working with Whistleblowers/ Salon aiki da masu fallasa
A wannan labarin, jaridar ta bayyana darussan Meirion Jones, edita a ofishin aikin bincike na jarida (BIJ) da ke Burtaniya. “daya daga cikin matakan da ya fi mahimmanci, a cewar Jones she ne kare suna da lafiyar wanda ya kawo labarin. Idan har akwai hadarin cewa hakan ba zai yiwu ba, gara kada a yi amfani da labarin baki daya ko kuma a wallafa kadan daga cikin abubuwan da ba za su tayar da hankali sosai ba,” a cewar labarin.

What Journalists Need to Know About Whistleblowers/ Abin da ya kamata ‘yan jarida su sani a kan masu fallasa – littafi ne da cibiyar masu fallasa na kasa a Amurka (US National Whistleblowers Center) ta wallafa. Batutuwa biyar aka tattauna: Ku sa dokokin, ku sakaya sunan wanda ya kawo labarin, ku san irin hadarin da ke tattare mai fallasar, “wadanda ke fallasa batutuwan da suka shafi leken asiri suna da nasu dokokin,” da kuma banbancin masu bayar da bayanai da gangar da masu fallasa ko tona asiri.

Protecting Sources and Whistleblowers in the Digital Age/ Kare majiyoyi da masu fallasa a zamanin kafofin yada labarai na dijital
Dokar bayanai da cibiyar manufofin da ke kwalejin karatun shari’a a jami’ar Landan sun fitar da rahoto kan wata tattaunawar da aka yi da wata kungiyar kwararru na mutane 25 masu bincike a aikin jarida, da wakilai daga kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu, da lauyoyin kafafen yada labarai da masu bincike na musamman a watan Satumban 2016. Rahoton ya bayar da shawarar cewa ‘yan jarida da kafaofin yada labarai su yi abubuwa kamar haka:

• Karfafa manufofi kan fasaha mai karko, kulawa ma majiyoyi da kariya.
• Bita kan irin ma’amalar da suke yi da majiyoyin da su ka bukaci a sakaya sunayensu
• Horaswa kan yadda ya kamata a kare majiya

UNESCO’S Protecting Journalism Sources in the Digital Age/ Kare majiyoyin ‘yan jarida a zamanin dijital na UNESCO littafi ne da ya kunshi shawarwar da bayanai kan hanyoyin kare majiyoyi a kasashe 120.

International Bar Association/ Kungiyar kwararrun lauyoyi na kasa da kasa IBA
A shekarar 2018 IBA ta wallafa “Whistleblower protections: A Guide,” wanda ya duba dokoki har ma da shafin da ya kunshi bayanai da dokokin kasa. Ku je shafin IBA ku nemi labarin kuna amfani da Kalmar “whistleblowers”

Kungiyoyin kasa da kasa (International Organisations)

Hadakar kungiyoyin kasa da kasa na masu fallasa WIN (Whistleblowing International Network) Wannan hadin gwiwar kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu da na fararen hulan da ke aiki a fannin tabbatar da kariya wa masu fallasa. Kungiyar da ke da shlkwatarta a Scotland na bai wa mambobi damar musayar illiminsu da kwarewa a fannin shari’a da aiki masu fallasa, ta yadda za su lalubo martanoni na dimokiradiyya ga batun fallasar a matakin cikin gida da na kasa da kasa, su kuma kara tallafawa wadanda ke aiki wajen kare masu fallasar a duniya baki daya. WIN na bayar da shawarwari, kayayyakin aiki, da kwarewarta ga kungiyoyin fararen hular da ke karewa da ma tallafawa masu fallasa a duniya. Mitar auna fallasa ta Tarayyar Turai (The EU Whistleblowing Meter) na bin diddigin yunkurin kasashen Tarayyar Turai wajen aiwatar da umurnin da tarayyar ta bayar a shekarar 2019 dan ganin ya zama doka.

Cibiyar masu fallasa ta kasa (National Whistleblower Center) kungiya ce mai zaman kanta wadda shelkwatarta ke Washington, D.C. Kungiyar na dauakar nauyin shawarwari, illimi da shirye-shirye, a ciki har da kundin bayanai na database da ya bayyana dokoki da wuraren samaun tallafi wa masu fallasa a kowace kasa. NWC tana kuma da wata karamar shiri ta kasa da kasa da ke aiki da ‘ya jarida, masu rajin kare ‘yancin fadan albarkacin baki, lauyoyi da jami’an gwamnati. Akwai kuma littafi mai suna The New Whistleblower’s Handbook da aka wallafa a shekarar 2019. NWC tana kuma da taskar blog inda ta kan rubuta sharhuna.

Shirin Sanya Ido kan Gwamnati (The Government Accountability Project)
Mai mazaunin shi a Washington D.C. ya ce manufar shi ya kunshi “inganta matakan sanya ido kan manyan kamfanoni da gwamnatoci ta hanyar kare masu fallasa, da wanzuwar ‘yancin fadan albarkacin baki a wuraren aiki da kuma bai wa ‘yan kasa masu fafutuka karfin gwiwa.” Ya wallafa litattafai na shawara da yadda masu fallasa za su tsira. Tun 1977, GAP ya taimaka ma mutane fiye da 8,000 a fannonin gwamnati da ‘yan kasuwa. Daga nan ne ya wallafa wani littafi mai suna Caught Between Conscience & Career: Expose Abuse Without Exposing Identity, wato Tsakanin Imani da Aikin yi: fallasa batanci ba tare da bayyana kai ba, wanda ake gani shawarwarin kare kai ne wa duk masu fallasa.

Transparency International na aiki da gwamnati, ‘yan kasuwa da kungiyoyin fararen hula wajen dakatar da cin hanci da rashawa dan inganta matakan yin ayyuka a bayyane, da sa ido, kuma cikin mutunci. TI na da rassa fiye da 100 a kasashen duniya kuma babban ofishinta na kasa da kasa na birnin Berlin. Akwai ofisoshi uku da ke da kwarewa a fallasa: Accion Ciudadana a Guatemala, Transparency International Ireland da Tranparency International Russia.

Digital Whistleblwing Fund wani karamin shiri ne na tallafi da ke karkashin jagorancin Cibiyar Hermes da Gidauniyar Renewable Freedom “wanda ke taimakawa kungiyoyin masu bincike a aikin jarida, da kare hakkin dan adam da kungiyoyin talakawa wajen samun tallafin kudi da aiki, da dabarun tabbatar ingancin tsaro a shirin fallasar da suke da shi a yanar gizo ko kuma dijital. Wannan ya kasance daya daga cikin burukansu na zamantakewa.” Shirin bincike a aikin jarida na Italiya (IRPI) na daya daga cikin wadanda suka sami irin wannan tallafi, kuma sun yi amfani da shi wajen gina ingantaccen shafin da masu fallasa za su iya tura bayanai.

Babban taron yaki da cin hanci da rashawa na kasa da kasa. (The International Anti-Corruption Conference) dandali ne na kasashen duniya, da ke tattara wakilan gwamnatoci, kungiyoyin fararen hula, da ‘yan kasuwa masu zaman kansu domin su tattauna kalubalen cin hanci da rashawa. Babban taron ya fi mayar da hankali ne kan masu fallasa da batutuwan da suka danganci hakan. Yana karkashin jagorancin kungiyar IACC wadda ke Transparency Internationl. Ana gudanar da babban taron bayan kowane shekaru biyu.

Kayyakin Aiki (Tools)

Secure Drop wannan wani tsari ne da ya tanadi duk masu fallasa su tura bayanan su, wanda ke karkashin jagorancin gidauniyar ‘yancin kafofin yada labarai a Amurka, kuma duk kafofin yada labarai na iya amfani da bayanan ba tare da an bayyana wanda ya tur aba. Gidauniyar na da ofishinta a San Francisco ne kuma tana taimakwa wajen horas da duk mutanen da ke amfani da Secure Drop.

GlobalLeaks na tanadar da software, ko kuma fasahar da ake amfani da shi wajen aiki da komfuta. Wannan na taimakawa wajen tabbatar da tsaro a kan shafukan ta yadda ba kowa ne zai iya gani ba amma masu fallasa, ‘yan jarida da ma wasu majiyoyi na iya gani har ma su yi ma’amala da juna. Wannan tsarin na iya taimakawa kafofin yada labarai, kungiyoyin masu rajin kare hakkin dana dam, hukumomin gwamnati da manyan kamfanoni. Yana karkashin jagorancin Cibiyar tabbatar da gaskiya da kare hakkin bil adama na Hermes da ke Milan. GlobaLeaks na bayar da kayayykin aikin na software domin tallafawa ayyukan fallasa.

Kayan aiki na masu fallasa (Tools for Whistleblowers)
Michael Wereschagin dan jarida mai zaman kan shi wanda ke bincike kuma mawallafi daga birnin Pittsburgh a jihar Pennsylvania ne ya hada wannan. Wereschagin ya jera sunayen irin tsare-tsaren da kafofin yada labarai da ‘yan jarida masu zaman kansu ke amfani da su.

Kungiyoyi a jere ta sunayen kasashe (Organisations by Country)

Kungiyoyin da ke kasa sun kunshi kungiyoyi masu zaman kansu wadanda ke tallafawa masu fallasa suna kuma samar musu da damammakin yin hakan. Gaba daya, ba mu sanya ma’akatan shari’an da ke ayyukan fallasa ba ko manyan kamfanonin da ke bayar da software, ko da shi ke wasu daga cikin shafukansu na yanar gizo na da bayanai masu mahimmanci. Muna maraba da shawarwari, ku tuntube mu a adireshinmu na [email protected]


Baki daya (General)

AfriLeaks na karkashin jagorancin hadakar kafafen yada labaran Afirkan da ke amfani da wata amintacciyar hanyarsamun bayanai na dropbox. Mutane na iya tura sakonni sa’annan su zabi mambar kungiyar da suke so ta gudanat da binciken. Wannan shirin hadin gwiwa ne tsakanin Kawancen Cibiyoyin Bincike na aikin Jarida a Afirka da Cibiyar Tabbatar da Gaskiya da Kare Hakkin Dan Adam a Yanar Gizo na Hermes.

Dandalin kare masu fallasa a Afirka (Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa) – wanda ke birnin Paris kungiya ce mai bayar da shawarwari da taimako a fannin shari’a, wadda a shekarar 2020 ta baiwa wata hadakar kungiyoyin kasa da kasa na ‘yan jarida masu bincike bayanan da suka kasance tushen binciken da aka kaddamar kan Isabel dos Santos, biloniyar nan wadda mahaifinta shi ne tsohon shugaban kasar Angola.

Afirka ta Kudu (South Africa)

Cibiyar shawarwari ta dimokiradiyya mai gaskiya (Open Democracy Advice Center) burinta ita ce inganta dimokiradiyya mai gaskiya, da renon al’adar sanya ido kan manyan kamfanoni da gwamnatoci, ta kuma illimantar da ‘yan kasa kan hakkin dan adam. Cibiyar na inganta nuna gaskiya, da damar samun bayanai kuma yana tallafawa masu fallasa.

Turai (Europe/Eurasia)

Baki daya (General)

Cibiyar kare hakkin masu fallasa na tarayyar Turai mai ofishi a Berlin, ta na taimakawa masu fallasa kuma ita ma tana taimakawa da manufofi da shari’a. A bazarar 2019 ta wallafa kasidarta na farko wanda ke fitowa kwane wata uku.

Hadin gwiwar kasashen yankin kudu maso gabashin Turai dan kare masu fallasa (The Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection) Hadaka ce ta kungiyoyi daga kasashe 12

FishyLeaks – shi ma shafi ne na samun bayanai da wata kungiya mai suna Our Fish ta kirkiro yayin da ta ke gangamin na wayar da kan jama’a dangane da yawan kamun kifin da ake yi a teku, wanda kasancewa barazana ga muhalli. FishyLeaks na samun tallafi daga Funding Fish ko gidauniyar kifaye da burin samun jama’an da za su rika kawo musu rahotannin haramtattun abubuwan da suka gani a ruwayen Turai.


Cibiyar Nazarin Dimokiradiyya da Mulki (The center for the Study of Democracy and Governance) Ya wallafa littafin shawarwari wa masu fallasa wadanda ke fallasa a Albaniya


Fallasa a kasar Austriya (Whistleblowing in Austria) an kirkiro ta ne a 2011 a matsayin kungiyar da za ta taimaka wa ‘yan kasa su dauki matakin bayyana zalunci da rashin gaskiya.

Faransa (France)
Transparency International Faransa na da shafin da ke taimakwa masu fallasa wajen tsegunta batutuwan da suka shafi cin hanci da rashawa

La Maison des Lanceurs d’Alerte kungiya ce ta Faransa wadda ke bayar da taimako a fannin shari’a, lafiyar kwakwalwa da kafofin yada labarai da ma tallafin kudi wa masu fallasar da ke bukata. Ta na kuma bayar da irin abubuwan da ake bukata a yanar gizo kamar su lambobin tuntuba, shawarwari da bayanai dangane da shari’a.

Jamus (Germany)

Hadakar Kungiyoyin masu fallasa (Whistleblower Network) Mambobin kungiyar ‘yan sa-kai ne, ‘yan jarida da masu fallasar suka kirkiro kungiyar a shekarar 2006. Kungiyar na bayar da shawarwari sa’annan yana aiki da masu fallasa, masu bincike da ‘yan jarida a lokacin da ya dace. Shafin dandali ne na bayanai dangane da masu fallasa. A kowace rana akwai labarai na taskar blog da ke dauke da halin da ake ciki ko inda aka kwana a batun na fallasa.


K Monitor mai sanya ido kan kudaden al’umma (K Monitor Watchdog for Public Funds) an kafa shi a shekarar 2007 a matsayin wata hanya na sanya batutuwan da suka shafi matsalar cin hanci da rashawa a kasar Hungary da ma kasa da kasa a cikin labarai. Kungiyar na kokarin wanzar da ra’ayin samar da bayanan da al’umma ke bukata ta yin amfani da bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida, kuma shafin yana da database inda ‘yan jarida da ma masu fallasa za su iya samun bayanan da suke bukata.


Transparency International Ireland
A shekarar 2004 aka kafa ta kuma tana aiki ne ta tabbatar cewa an bi ma kowa hakkin shi, ko da mutun ya kasasnce a bangaren gwamnati ko na ‘yan kasuwa masu zaman kansu. Burinta shi ne a samar ma jama’a hanyoyin dogaro-da-kai ta amfani da illimi, da bayanai da kuma bincike. Littafin ta mai suna Speak Up Safely Guide (sauke a nan) na da burin taimakawa ma’aikata a Ireland su fahimci dokokin fallasa a kasar Ireland.

Italiya (Italy)

IrpiLeaks dandalin fallasar kungiyar IRPI, wato cibiyar bincike a aikin jarida na Italiya. Ta fi mayar da hankali kan bayanan kungiyoyin mafia a Burtaniya

Holland (The Netherlands)

Gidan masu fallasa (House of Whistleblowers) na bayar da shawarwari ta tallafi wajen lura da lafiyan kwakwalwa da yanayin zamantakewa, ta na kuma gudanar da bincike kan yadda ake kula da lafiyar masu fallasar da kuma cin zarafin da sukan fiskanta a al’umma. Haka nan kuma, tana taimakwa wajen kare su daga yanayin da zai sa bata musu mutuncin su, sa’annan tana bayar da bayanai dangane da masu fallasan.

PubLeaks Shafi ne mai kwakwarar tsaro wanda ke samun goyon bayan kafofin yada labaran Holland fiye da 40. A shekarar 2013 aka kafa ta yin amfani da fasahar software na GlobaLeaks wanda cibiyar Hermes ta sarrafa.


Gidauniyar Stefan Batory (Stefan Batory Foundation) gidauniya ce mai zaman kanta a Poland wadda aka samar a 1988 da burin samar da al’umma mai gaskiya, mai samun bayanai kuma mai bin turbar dimokiradiyya.

Rasha (Russia)

Transparency International Russia, an kafa shi a 1999 kuma yana tattara kungiyoyin fararen hula har da kafofin yada labarai su yi yaki da cin hanci da rashawa su kuma yi aiki wajen halatta ka’idojin gaskiya da ci-gaba a fannonin gwamnati da na ‘Yan kasuwa masu zaman kansu.

Serbiya (Serbia)

Pistaljka ko kuma “usur” da harshen serbiyanci, na gudanar da bincike, kuma yana da shafin da ke karbar bayanai daga masu fallasa sa’annan su taimaka musu da batutuwan da suka shafi shari’a.


XNET ta na fafutukar ganin cewa masu fallasa sun sami kariya. Kuma ta na da wani tsarin da ke kula da masu fallasar da ta ajiye a boye ta yin amfani da fasaha mai sarkakiya na encryption.


Initiative 11 gamayya ce ta kungiyoyin fararen hulan da ke fafutukar tabbarar da kariya wa masu fallasa a Ukraine.

Burtaniya (United Kingdom)

Kariya, (wadda a baya aka san ta da Aikin Damuwar Jama’a) (Protect, formerly known as Public Concern at Work) an fara kungiyar a 1993 kuma burin ta shi ne ta tabbatar aikin fallasa ya dore saboda a kauce wa hadurruka da ke barazana dagula al’umma, kuma ko da ba’a kai ga cimma wannan buri ba, akalla a dago miyagun abubuwan kafin su yi lahani. PCW na da layin kyauta inda take bayar da shawarwari, kuma tana tallafawa kungiyoyin da ke aiki irin na ta. Ta na gudanar da ayyukan da suka shafi manufofin ci-gaba da illimantar da al’umma.

The Whistler: Hadaka ce da ta kawo kungiyoyin Campassion and Care (Tausayi da kulawa) da (Cibiyar bincike a aikin jarida) Centre for Investigative Journalism the nufin kare duk wadanda suke aikin fallasa gaskiya ba tare da la’akati da banbancin kabila, addini ko manufoi na siyasa ba. Masu aikin fallasan ne suka hada, domin kansu da sauran ‘yan uwansu masu fallasan kuma suna taimaka musu da kwararru da shawarwari da kuma taimako a fanin shari’a, da kudi.

Kudancin Amirka da yankin Carribbean (Latin America/Carribbean)


Accion Ciudadana: A shekarar 1996 aka kafa ta kuma daga shekarar 2006 ta fara kasancewa daya daga cikin rassan kungiyar Tranparency International. Kungiyar fararen hula ne da ke aiki da kungiyoyin Transparency da Integrity a Guatemala.


MexicoLeaks dandali ne da ke samun goyon bayan kungiyoyin Mexico guda takwas wadanda suka hada da Animal Politico, emeequis, Másde131, Periodistas de a Pie, Poder, Proceso, R3D, da Arestegui Noticias.

Yankin Arewacin Amirka (North America)

Yaki da cin hanci da rashawa da sa ido, Canada (Anti-corruption and Accountability Canada) na taimkawa masu yin aikin fallasa, kuma suna bayar da shawara kyauta


Governmant Accountability Project (GAP) kungiya mai zaman kanta ne a Washington, da ke goyon bayan aikin da masu fallasa ke yi.

Project on Government Oversight (POGO) kungiya ce mai zaman kanta wadda ke aiki da masu fallasa da ‘yan jarida da jami’an gwamnati domin su tabbatar da sauye-sauye masu kyau a gwamnati.

National Whistleblower center- kungiya mai zaman kanta ne a Washington wadda ke tallafawa shirye-shiryen fadakarwa, illimi da shirye-shiryen da suka shafi fallasa.

Whistleblower Aid kungiya mai zaman kanta, wadda ke kula da harkokin shari’a kuma tana da mazaunin ta a Washington, D.C. “Muna goyon bayan duk wadanda suka bi doka suka kai karan gwamnati da manyan kamfanoni da zarar sun karya doka.”

The Whistlerblower Support Fund kungiya mai zaman kanta da ke “bayar da shawarwari da taimako a fanin aiki da kwararru, da lauyoyi. da ma’akatan zamantakewa, da masu bayar da shawara kan aikin yi ko/da ‘yan jarida, sa’annan ta na kuma taimaka ma wadanda ke aikin fallasa.

The Whistleblower Blog “Kamfanin yada labarai ne mai zaman kan shi,” wanda ke zaman gudunmawa na kyauta ga al’umma daga kamfanin Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, LPP

The National Council of Nonprofits – Ya jera abubuwan da suka dace a sani game da manufofin aikin fallasa da ma mahimmancinsu ga kungiyoyi masu zaman kance.


IndonesiaLeaks – Yana tanadar da wurin da masu bayar da bayanan za su iya su tsegunta ba tare da kowa ya sani ba. Daga nan sai ‘yan jarida su bi sahun labarin

Ku shiga al’ummarmu ta duniya (Join our Global Community)

GIJN na wallaafa bayanai cikin harsuna 12 kowane rana a kafofi daban-daban tare da shawarwari da damammaki da kayayyakin bincike a aikin jarida a duniya baki daya. Kuna iya kasasncewa cikin al’ummar mu mai karfin gaske wanda ke da mutane fiye da 300,000 domin ku tallafa wa labaranmu na falllasa a matakin kasa da kasa idan kuka farabin labaranmu a dandaloli 20, a ciki har da Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WeChat, WhatsApp da Telegram.

Muna ma maraba da ‘yan jarida a shafinmu na GIJN LinkedIn da Global Listserv, daya daga cikin abubuwan da zai taimaka wajen gano abokan aiki ko kuma taimako a kasashen duniya. (Kuna neman taimako? Ka da ku mance da sashen taimako da na bayanan mu) Ku kuma duba labaranmu na yankuna daban-daban a kasa: GIJN Africa GIJN Afrique, GIJN Arabic, GIJN Bangla, GIJN Chinese, GIJN in French, GIJN Hindi, GIJN Indonesia, GIJN in Portuguese, GIJN in Russian, GIJN in Spanish, GIJN Turkish, and GIJN Urdu.


This story was originally written by Media Defence/GIJN and published by the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

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GIJN kungiya ce mai zaman kanta da ke tallafwa masu bincike a aikin jarida a duk fadin duniya. Tun kafuwar kungiyar a shekarar 2003, GIJN ta bunkasa zuwa kasashe 80 da mambobi 203 a duniya baki daya. Mambobin sun hada da cibiyoyin rahotanni, da na koyarwa, kungiyoyin cigaban kafafen yada labarai da makarantun koyar da aikin jarida. Ga jadawalin mambobinmu a kasashen duniya, biye da ka’idojin zama mamba ma kungiyoyin da ke da sha’awar yin hakan.

Mambobin GIJN

‘Yan jarida 100, Amurka (100Reporters, USA)

100Reporters ya bi sahun kwararrun ‘yan jarida da masu fallasa da ’yan jarida masu zaman kansu a duniya baki daya, wadanda da ke aiki tukuru wajen samar da sabbin hanyoyin gudanar da aikin jarida mai sahihanci, da kuma wallafa rahotannin da suka danganci cin hanci da rashawa a duk yanayin da ya kasasnce. Kungiyar, a karkashin jagorancin fitattun wakilai na manyan kamfanonin yada labarai na da burin bunkasa irin tasiri da kuma mahimmancin bincike da labaran da ‘yan jarida masu zaman kansu ke yi a matsayin wata hanya ta inganta ayyukan gaskiya da sahihiyar gwamnati.

Hadinkan kungiyoyin masu wallafa aiyukan bincike a Afirka (African Investigative Publishing collective (AIPC), Ghana/Netherlands)
Kungiyar AIPC kungiya ce da ta kunshi kwararrun ‘yan jarida masu bincike wadanda suka sadaukar da rayuwarsu wajen fallasa duk illolin da ake da su a al’umma. Burinsu shi ne su gudanar da bincike mai zurfi domin gano duk wani rashin adalci ko rashin gaskiya da nufin kare al’umma, a matsayin hidima ga dimokiradiyya, gaskiya da ci-gaba.

Hadakar cibiyoyin bincike na aikin jarida, Afirka Ta Kudu (African Network of Centers for investigative Reporting (ANCIR), South Africa)
A shekarar 2014 aka kafa wannan kungiyar wadda ta kunshi dakunan labarai 10 daga kasashen Afirka. Kungiyar wadda hedikwatarta ke Afirka ta Kudu na da burin karfafawa da kuma tabbatar da dorewar bincike a aikin jarida ta hanyar inganta kwarewa, tunani mai zurfi da karfin samarwa. Yayin da kungiyar ke bayar da fifiko kan “labaran da suka shafi hada-hadar kasuwanni” ta na kuma tallafawa wajen samar da horaswa da shirye-shiryen hadin kai da ababen aiki na musamman.


Agencia Publica, Brazil

Agencia Publica wadda aka girkata a shekarar 20111, ta kasance kungiya mai zaman kanta ta farko kan aikin jaridan da ya shafi bincike a kasar Brazil. Wasu mata ‘yan jarida suka kafa ta da nufin mayar da aikin jaridar kasar bisa turbar da aka santa: Yi ma jama’a hidima


Hadakar ‘yan jarida masu zaman kansu, Indonesiya (Alliance of Independent Journalists, Indonesia) Wannan kungiyar da ake wa lakabi da (AIJ) tana taka muhimmiyar rawa wajen bunkasa bincike a aikin jarida a kasar Indonesiya. Kungiyar wadda aka kafa a 1994 na da hedikwatar ta a birnin Jakarta kuma ita ce kungiya ta farko mai zaman kanta a kasar Indonesiya. Hasali ma mulkin kama karyar Soeharto ce ta yi mafari samar da kungiyar bayan da gwamnatinsa ta haramta jaridun da suka rika gudanar da bincike mai zurfi a labaransu, a ciki har da kasidar Tempo. AJI tana kuma baiwa ‘yan jarida tallafi a duk sadda a kai kararsu kotu ko kuma aka tursasa musu saboda labaran da suke rubutawa.


AmaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism South Africa

Cibiyar bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida ta amaBhungane wadda a bay aka san ta da cibiyar M & G, kungiya ce mai zaman kanta wadda ke tabbatar da ci-gaban bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida – abin da ta ke wa kallon hidimar da ta ke wa jama’a wajen habaka kafofin yada labarai masu ‘yanci, nagarta da cancanta da kuma dimokiradiyya mai kamanta gaskiya da adalci.


Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), Jordan

Kungiyar Larabawa ‘yan jarida masu bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida (ARIJ) ita ce kadai kungiya mai zaman kanta a Yankin Gabas ta Tsakiya da ta dukufa wajen tabbatar da ci-gaban bincike mai zurfi a dakunan labaran larabawa, abun da har yanzu bai sami gindin zama ma. Kungiyar da ke da mazauninta a Amman, an kafa ta ne daga farkon shekarar 2005 domin ta tallafa wajen tabbatar da aikin jarida mai zaman kansa da inganci da kwarewa ta hanyar bayar da tallafin kudi ga shirye-shirye masu zurfi da kuma bayar da horaswa. Kungiyar ta na kuma taimakawa duk ‘yan jaridan da ke aiki a jarida, rediyo, talbijin shafukan sadarwa na intanet a kasashen Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Masar, Iraki, Bahrain, Yemen da Tunisiya.


Dandalin Aikin Jarida a Turai (Arena for Journalism in Europe)
Wanna kungiyar da ke kasar Holland na goyon bayan ayyukan hadin gwiwa, da bincike mai zurfi da aikin jarida. Ta na taimakawa ‘yan jarida da ke aiki tare a kowace kasa kuma a kowane fanni tare da malamai, da masana kimiyya ko kuma kungiyoyin fararen hula. Mahimman ayyukan kungiyar sun hada da shirya tarukan samar da bayanai wanda aka fi sani da dataharvest, babban taron ‘yan jaridan da ke bincike mai zurfi a Turai, gamayyar kungiyoyin Arena, samar da kawancen da ‘yan jarida ke bukata, da makarantar Arena – wanda ya kunshi musayar illima da hadin gwiwa a batutuwan da suka shafi bincike mai zurfi a aikin jarida.
Website:, Venezuela
A shekarar 2010 aka kafa kungiyar Wasu shahararrun ‘yan jarida guda uku a Venezuela ne suka kafa kungiyar. ‘yan jaridan sun hada da: Alfredo Meza, Joseph Poliszuk da Ewald Scharfenberg. A gajeren rayuwar wannan kungiya, ta kirkiro shirye-shirye na musamman da abokai irin su ICIJ (Coltan/ Offshore leaks/ Swissleaks/ Panama Papers), regional newspapers as La Nación and Clarín (Argentina), El Universo (Ecuador), El Nuevo Herald y Univisión (Florida-USA), Connectas (Colombia), Confidencial (Nicaragua), La Nación (Costa Rica), Ciper (Chile).

Asodiación de Periodismo Punto y Aparte
Wannan kungiyar da ke kasar Costa Rica tana tallafawa masu bincike mai zurfi a rahotanni da irin aikin jaridan da samar wa jama’a maslaha. Dandali ne na saduwan ‘yan jaridan da suka iya aikinsu, masu kuruciya kuma kwararru, yawancin kungiyoyi da mutane masu zaman kansu na samun gayyata su zo su kasance masu daukan nauyin shirye-shirye wadanda kuma ke samun goyon bayan makarantun ‘yan jarida da kafofin yada labarai. Burin kungiyar ta kunshi hada duk wadannan bangarori tare su yi aiki don samar da sabuwar shawara ga yadda za’a tafiyar da aikin jarida.



This story was originally written by GIJN and published by the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

PTCIJ and partners, UNESCO, train Gambian youth leaders on media literacy

PTCIJ and partners, UNESCO, train Gambian youth leaders on media literacy

Ahead of the December 4 presidential election, the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) has trained 40 youth community leaders on media and information literacy in The Gambia.

The three-day training, supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), was held at the Senegambia Beach Hotel from Monday November 29 to Wednesday December 1.

Welcoming the participants, drawn from youth-centric Civil Society Organisations (CSO), the Acting Executive Director of PTCIJ, Tobi Oluwatola, harped on the importance of media and information literacy in The Gambia’s bid to nurture it’s infant democracy.

“As The Gambia prepares for its first post-Jammeh general elections seeking to consolidate the country’s nascent democracy, there is a need to enable media users to access and use information prudently. Media and Information Literacy (MIL) is a prerequisite for democratic participation, and preserving freedom of expression,” he said.

The training featured sessions on democracy and information literacy, freedom of information and expression, fact-checking and verification, internet opportunities and challenges among others.

At different times, participants were also engaged in group assignments to measure their understanding of the sessions and evaluate plans for propagating knowledge gained.

Ajie Sonko, the President of The Gambian Ladies Organisation said the training sessions helped her understand the information ecosystem.

“I have been doing a lot in these sessions we had,” she said. “I have come to know things I never knew. I learnt things like types of information disorder…malinformation, disinformation and misinformation. I think this is very crucial in our environment because information is advancing the world and when there is information disorder in any country, there is no way the country will go forward.”

Ms Sonko promised to propagate what she learnt to members of her organisation and further.

“When I go, I’m not going to be selfish and keep what I learnt to myself, I will make sure I teach my organization members what I learnt and not only them, I will do as much as I can to share with my immediate society. Whenever my organization go on rural outreaches, I’ll make sure we teach people on media and information literacy,” she said.

Similarly, Joe Bongay, the Executive Director of Young Volunteers for the Environment said he has learnt a lot from the sessions.

“For the past three days, we’ve gotten very good knowledge on fact-checking, how to identify fake news…which is very important for my organisation and in  the process of our development work. Gambia is still transforming gradually and I think this training is timely. It will help to engage as young people in the democratization of The Gambia which is still young. Democracy is still not well understood by many people, this kind of training will help us filter the issue of democracy through communication to the local people and local development partners so as to collectively understand it, respect it and apply it which will help us develop as a nation,” he said.

The Gambia, the smallest country on the African mainland, will on Saturday go to polls to elect a president. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has cleared six candidates for the election, the first since dictator Yahya Jammeh fled the country in 2017.

Aregbesola to Deliver Keynote Address as West African Stakeholders Convene for Information Disorder West Africa Conference

Aregbesola to Deliver Keynote Address as West African Stakeholders Convene for Information Disorder West Africa Conference

The Honourable Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola will deliver the conference keynote address as experts, policymakers, academia and other stakeholders from West Africa convene on the 17th and 18th of November to review and interrogate the mechanics of how communication crisis threatens the internal stability of states, institutions and critical national assets.


The conference, organised by the Dubawa’s Information Disorder West Africa Conference. The conference is part of Dubawa’s ongoing #WeekForTruth campaign, set to hold from the 15th to 20th November 2021.


The conference, organised by DUBAWA, the West African verification and rating platform, is an attempt to tackle the information disorder phenomenon as it affects different aspects of society and governance and to showcase the research outcomes of Dubawa’s sub-regional Research Fellowship which has been running for the past 6 months. 


The conference will feature high-level panels with distinguished participants such as the Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, the Country Director, Amnesty International and many other dignitaries.


Speaking about the timing and imperative of the conference, Mr Adedeji Adekunle, Programme Director of the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism [PTCIJ], said “the resilience of democratic accountability and the ability of governments, institutions and citizens to forge a common bond on good governance and the integrity of democracy in our sub-region will depend largely on how we perceive and respond to the current threats of information disorder.”  


By the end of the conference, we expect that plausible solutions and ideas which will alleviate the negative effects of information disorder on governance, human rights, elections, healthcare and other aspects of societal living will be developed and shared. The West African scope of the conference will also redefine our problem-solving approach, utilising our commonalities and unique perspectives across the sub-region.


DUBAWA is a non-partisan verification and rating platform designed to help renew West  African journalism and democracy through the promotion of a culture of fact-checking and factual public debate. DUBAWA adheres strictly to the principles of the International Fact-checking Network (IFCN), to which it is a signatory. It currently has offices in Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone with footprints in Liberia and The Gambia as well. DUBAWA is a project of the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ), a West African centre for journalism innovation and development.


Challenges And Solutions For A Free And Credible Electoral Process

Challenges And Solutions For A Free And Credible Electoral Process

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made elections within Nigeria enormously challenging and threatens to overturn other democratic ideals including frequent political dialogues, political party campaigns and manifesto interrogations vis-à-vis active citizen participation across the state[1]. Notwithstanding, the latest challenge of COVID-19 include the several intrigues that come into play seeking to affect the electoral process and its outcomes usually by political agents thereby making it difficult to achieve a free, fair and credible electoral outcome.

Although there have been about six successive general elections in Nigeria, there still exists a couple of bottlenecks in the process of election credibility. The amendment of the Electoral Act has attempted to make provisions for some electronic assistance in the reduction of political agents’ interference. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has introduced innovations to boost the credibility and trust of Nigerians in the electoral process such as the use of an electronic register of voters, the issuance of a chip-based Permanent Voter’ Card (PVC) to registered voters, and the use of the Smart Card Reader (SCR) for the verification and authentication of voters in 2015[2]. The year 2019 saw the introduction of the Continuous Accreditation and Voting System (CAVS) designed to prevent the possible disenfranchisement of voters, the mandatory use of the SCR for the accreditation of voters, and the discontinuation of the use of Incident Forms to forestall the fraud or abuse by election officials or other stakeholders at the PUs.

The article thus seeks to review some of the challenges and categorize them while proffering solutions for a free and credible electoral process.

Challenges of Electoral Transparency

Despite the aforementioned improvements in the electoral system, elections appear to be losing credibility with the attendant voter apathy[3][4]. The summary of the challenges of the electoral system is categorized thus:

  • Violence and Intimidation[5]: Violent disruptions in the electoral process occasioned by thugs or security forces actions, which either lead to or have the potential of leading to injuries or total/partial stoppage of the process.
  • Voter Inducement: This includes activities that tend to push eligible voters to vote in favour of a particular political party or candidate. This can be monetary, gifts, or “stomach infrastructure” (food supplies given as a bribe to voters to sway the polls).
  • Governance: These are issues that do not have any direct bearing with the election but are brought in because political actors are in power or have connections with people in power.
  • Disenfranchisement: Issues of not being allowed to vote in elections by conscious and concerted efforts by either political thugs, polling unit agents, security forces, or party agents. This category can be on a personal or group basis.
  • Natural Disaster: Incidences that are not man-made but also have adverse effects on the election or electoral process. This includes capsized boats, fire, flood, etc. Such issues can also include pandemics like in the case of the COVID-19. Even when guidelines and regulations[6] are put in place, the voters may still not be able to fully exercise their rights.
  • Intra/Inter-Party Squabbles[7]: Issues of in-fighting within or across political parties. Issues can include counter-accusations, candidacy litigations, or substitution.
  • Result declaration: Attempts to rig or manipulate already announced or yet to be announced results. It also includes results tweeted or tweets about results either through official channels or otherwise. Under this category, it is possible for mischievous elements to try to mislead the public through fake results which then casts doubts in their minds.


In planning for a free and credible electoral process, the electoral umpire must be seen to be free and fair even in the build-up to the elections. This is further driven by a lot of voter education which, in the case of Nigeria, appears not to be deliberate considering the dwindling number of voters.

Other proposals include:

More strategic engagement of the various organs of government empowered to conduct citizen education like the National Orientation Agency (NOA), the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, and the voter education unit of the electoral body. Such engagements should be deliberate and focused on the deployment of various languages and media to reach the grassroot populations.

Establishment of electoral offences commission and enforcement of roles and judgement of same.

To avoid misinformation and disinformation, there is a need for strategic partnership between fact-checking organizations and agencies of government referred to in 1. Fact-checking organizations should be strengthened and non-partisan.

More electoral training on citizen engagement should be done for security operatives and kitted with non-compact gears provided for election purposes.

Call For Volunteers

Call For Volunteers


Are you passionate about making an impact? Do you want to help in the personal development of young adults in the various Senior High and Tertiary schools in the country?

If yes, then we need you. This is your chance to leave a mark.

Dubawa, a fact-checking and verification project of the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ), is looking for volunteers to join a nationwide outreach to educate students/youth corp members on media and information literacy, basic fact-checking and critical thinking skills!

Eligibility and Expectation

Volunteers must

  • Be resident in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and The Gambia.
  • Be willing to undergo an online training if selected
  • Be willing to visit a senior high school (preferably their alma mater) or a tertiary institution in their resident country to sensitize and educate students on media and information literacy and fact-checking as a means of combating fake news.
  • Will be available for the ‘‘week for truth’’ in the second week of November.
  • Must understand the use of social media.
  • Must have good communication skills.

Click on this form to sign up.

Registration will end at midnight on 17th of October 2021.

Selected volunteers will be notified and trained.

A Communique issued at the end of a Roundtable Discussion themed “Strategic Partnerships for Accountability in Nigeria”, on 2nd September 2021 organised by the Udeme project of Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) at Orisun Art Source, Abuja, Nigeria

A Communique issued at the end of a Roundtable Discussion themed “Strategic Partnerships for Accountability in Nigeria”, on 2nd September 2021 organised by the Udeme project of Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) at Orisun Art Source, Abuja, Nigeria


Collaborative governance has been described as a non-existent element in the quest for accountability in Nigeria. It allows stakeholders in government, civil society organisations, media, communities and the private sector to come together and develop innovative frameworks for development.

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